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WelcometotheLattice9 Family!
You join the many thousands ofsophisticated users world-wide using
our products. We have all the products you need. And with each
Lattice product you get our commitment of Lattice Service.
Fart ofour commitment to you has been our on-going LatticeService
/0m^ policy of timely updates and enhancements. Now Lattice Service
expands to better serve your support requirements by offering you
three ways to access Lattice TechnicalSupport:
► On-Line through McGraw-Hill's BIX " Network.
► On-Line through the Lattice Bulletin Board Service.
► Via the Telephone through The Technical Support Hotline.
TheMcGraw-HillBIX Network
The BIN (BYTE Information Exchange) Network is a dial-in confer
ence system on which Lattice, in cooperation with McGraw-Hill, has
started a SKI (Special Interest Group) for Lattice users.
The BIX Network provides 24-hour availability and world-wide
coverage. Once on the network, you have access to Lattice Technical
Support as well as a forum of other Lattice users.
In order to use BIX, you need a modem and a VISA or MasterCard. ^_^
There is a onetime charge of S25 for BYTE subscribers and $39 for
those with no BYTE subscription. There is also a connect time charge
which ranges from Sll to Sl4 depending upon usage.
You can subscribe to BIX by calling Tymnet at (800) 336-0149 and
asking for a local access number. Then dial into Tymnet and respond
as follows:
•,, *
a A single lower case a to indicate the baud rate.
bytetwti Entered at the login prompt.
mgh Entered at the password prompt.
BIX Entered to indicate that you want the BIX system.
new Entered once you see the BIX prompt name?.
You will then be led through a series of questions (including the
charge card to which the session is to be billed). You will be given
many chances to change your mind while going through the ques
tions. Only when you complete the set of questions will you be able
to get at the Lattice SIG area by entering JOIN LATTICE.
Once in the Lattice SIG area you can BlX-mail your questions to the
Lattice lognamc jriley for private questions, or you can post your
question in the conference mode where Lattice as well as other users
can respond. You also have the ability to review other questions and
comments posted in the conference mode and check for a new
release of your product on our Current Revision List.
If you need additional help on BIX call either BlX-Support at
(800) 227-2983 or our Technical Support Hotline.
TheLatticeBulletin Board Service
The Lattice Bulletin Board Service (LBBS) is a multi-user bulletin
board system for all owners of Lattice products.
The LBBS is available 24 hours a day and contains:
► General information on Lattice products.
| ► Program patches which you candown-load to eliminate bugs
located after your product was released.
► Notification of new releases on our Current Revision List.
► Other special information and programs for the serious user.
Using the LBBS gives you direct on-line access to Lattice Technical
Support without the need to tie up your telephone waiting for the
Technical Support Hotline.
You will need a modem to contact the Lattice Bulletin Board. We
recommend that you set your communication parameters to from
300 to 2400 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity.
^ To reach the LBBS, dial(312) 858-8087. Ifyou are using 2400 baud,
type two spaces to continue after connection. Otherwise, type
a return.
A name prompt is the first item displayed. Enter your name and type
a return.
First time users will then create a Password before continuing, and
then be led through an on-line questionnaire. Please answer all the
questions displayed before continuing. You will be asked for this
Password at the start of each session on the LBBS.
Once you are an LBBS user you will be able to leave mail, upload and
download files and fill out bug reports. If you have questions on the
LBBS, please call the Technical Support Hotline.
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