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0:01:08:ANNOUNCER (ON RADIO): <i>The resulting</i>|<i>action, known now by all the world...</i>
0:01:11:<i>... has marked Sunday,</i>|<i>September the 3rd, 1939...</i>
0:01:15:<i>... as a date to be long remembered.</i>
0:01:17:<i>At 11: 15 this morning,</i>|<i>the prime minister...</i>
0:01:20:<i>... speaking to the nation</i>|<i>from Number 10 Downing Street...</i>
0:01:23:<i>... announced that Great Britain</i>|<i>is at war with Germany.</i>
0:01:27:<i>The London public</i>|<i>are earnestly reminded...</i>
0:01:29:<i>... of the emergency orders</i>|<i>already issued.</i>
0:01:31:<i>No light of any description</i>|<i>should be visible after blackout time.</i>
0:01:35:<i>No dogs or cats will be allowed</i>|<i>to roam the streets after dark.</i>
0:01:38:<i>It should be remembered that pets will not</i>|<i>be permitted in public air-raid shelters.</i>
0:01:43:<i>Gas masks and warm clothing</i>|<i>should be placed at hand before retiring.</i>
0:01:47:<i>It is suggested that a warm drink</i>|<i>in a Thermos...</i>
0:01:49:<i>... would be of great comfort</i>|<i>to children...</i>
0:01:52:<i>... who might have to be awakened</i>|<i>at an unusual hour.</i>
0:01:54:<i>Every effort should be made</i>|<i>to quiet the nerves...</i>
0:01:57:<i>... of those children who remain</i>|<i>despite the evacuation...</i>
0:02:00:<i>... which will continue</i>|<i>until a late hour this evening.</i>
0:02:05:MAN:|Colonel Cronin's car.
0:02:17:I was right, Thomas. It's tonight.
0:02:20:To France, sir?
0:02:22:Waterloo Station.
0:02:24:Yes, sir.
0:02:31:Be familiar to you, won't it, sir?
0:02:33:I mean, having been through|the last one.
0:02:36:Yes. It'll be familiar.
0:02:44:- Thomas.|- Sir?
0:02:47:Go by way of Waterloo Bridge, will you?
0:02:49:Waterloo Bridge, sir?
0:02:52:We have plenty of time.
0:02:54:Right, sir.
0:03:05:Wait for me at the other end of the bridge.|I'll walk across.
0:03:08:THOMAS:|Right, sir.
0:04:22:MYRA:|<i>Here. Take this.</i>
0:04:26:ROY:|<i>Your good-luck charm?</i>
0:04:28:MYRA:|<i>Perhaps it'll bring you luck.</i>
0:04:30:<i>I hope it will.</i>
0:04:32:<i>I'll pray it will.</i>
0:04:36:ROY:|<i>That's wonderfully kind of you.</i>
0:04:38:MYRA:|<i>Do you think you'll remember me now?</i>
0:04:41:ROY:|<i>I think so.</i>
0:04:45:<i>I think so.</i>
0:04:48:<i>For the rest of my life.</i>
0:05:34:WOMAN 1: It was a siren. I heard it.|WOMAN 2: You're dreaming.
0:05:36:- I didn't hear a thing.|WOMAN 1: Did you, Myra?
0:05:38:Stop, listen.
0:05:40:There it is again.
0:05:43:Be quiet, please, all of you.
0:05:45:- Was that an air-raid warning?|- I'm afraid it was. We'll know in a minute.
0:05:49:An air raid. I told you we'll be late.|Madame will be furious.
0:05:52:- We should worry about madame.|WOMAN: Look. Look.
0:05:57:MAN:|Air raid!
0:06:01:- Where can we go?|- The underground station.
0:06:03:- Come on, girls.|- To your right! To your right!
0:06:06:- To your right.|WOMAN: Hurry.
0:06:07:Come on.
0:06:17:Stupid bag. It always does this.
0:06:20:- Thank you so much.|- They're out to strafe this bridge.
0:06:22:- We'd better get off it.|- Oh, my lucky charm.
0:06:28:You little fool. Are you tired of life?
0:06:30:- I've had it for years. It brings me luck.|- Such as air raids.
0:06:36:Do you think it'd be too unmilitary|if we were to run?
0:06:39:Not at all.
0:06:43:Do you mind?
0:06:46:MAN:|<i>News Weekly.</i> Read about it.
0:06:54:"Here, no pushing," he says.
0:06:55:And I says, "You'd blooming well push|if your hind legs were still outside."
0:06:59:OLD WOMAN: I always run about,|meseIf. As me old man says:
0:07:02:"A moving target is harder to hit."
0:07:04:- Ain't it?|OLD MAN: Not haIf.
0:07:09:Blimey, 'Erman's a ruddy marksman,|ain't he?
0:07:12:- 'Erman?|- Yes, 'Erman the German.
0:07:19:Oh, I'm... I'm sorry.
0:07:21:There seems to be|a certain amount of shoving.
0:07:24:It is a crush, isn't it?
0:07:28:Mm, that one was close.
0:07:30:We're safe here.
0:07:32:There may be some space|over there by the wall.
0:07:34:- Shall we wiggle through?|- All right.
0:07:36:- Excuse us, please.|- All right.
0:07:39:Excuse me. Thank you very much.
0:07:46:- Better, eh?|- Yes, thanks. Much better.
0:07:51:- Looking for your friends?|- Yes. Perhaps they took another entrance.
0:07:55:- Do you mind?|- Oh, no, no.
0:07:58:I suppose I mustn't offer you one?
0:08:00:Uh, no, thanks.
0:08:02:You're at school, aren't you?
0:08:06:Am I being funny?
0:08:08:Oh, look, that's our school.|Madame Kirowa's International Ballet.
0:08:14:- International Ballet?|- Mm-hm.
0:08:16:Look here,|you don't mean to say you're a dancer?
0:08:18:- Yes.|- A professional dancer?
0:08:20:Uh, now and then, I wonder.
0:08:23:And you mean you can pirouette|and all that sort of thing?
0:08:26:Certainly. I can do an entrechat six.
0:08:29:- I beg your pardon?|- I can cross my feet six times in midair.
0:08:33:Nijinsky could do 10,|but that only happens once in a century.
0:08:36:Well, it must be good for the muscles|of the... Must be good for the muscles.
0:08:41:I should think a dancer's muscles|would be like a strongman.
0:08:43:Oh, not quite. That'd be dreadful.
0:08:45:We try to combine slenderness|with strength.
0:08:47:Well, I've been dancing since I was 12.
0:08:50:I don't think the muscles|are overdeveloped.
0:08:52:Oh, no. No, no. Not in your case.
0:08:55:Of course, we have to train like athletes.|Madame believes in rigid discipline.
0:08:59:- You expect to get to the theater tonight?|- Certainly. We don't go on till 10.
0:09:04:- I wish I could be there.|- Why don't you come?
0:09:07:No, unfortunately,|I have a colonel's dinner.
0:09:09:It takes a lot of nerve|to miss a colonel's dinner.
0:09:12:- Are you on leave?|- I have been. My home's in Scotland.
0:09:14:Now you have to go back?|To France, I mean.
0:09:16:- Tomorrow.|- Oh, I'm so sorry.
0:09:19:This hateful war.
0:09:21:Yes, I suppose it is.
0:09:24:And yet there's, I don't know...
0:09:26:...a certain amount of excitement|about it too.
0:09:28:Around the corner of every second,|the fascination of the unknown.
0:09:33:We're facing it this instant.
0:09:34:Oh, we face the unknown|in peacetime too.
0:09:37:- You're rather matter-of-fact, aren't you?|- Yes.
0:09:41:You're rather romantic, aren't you?
0:09:45:MAN:|All clear!
0:09:47:All clear!
0:09:50:Well, there we are. I'm afraid it's over.|Never enjoyed an air raid more.
0:09:54:Shall we go now or wait for the next?
0:09:56:Oh, it's very tempting,|but I think we'd better go.
0:10:00:Shall I carry that?
0:10:01:No, no. I only drop it in emergencies.
0:10:03:Well, I hope I'm around|the next time it happens.
0:10:06:It isn't very likely, is it?|You go back to France and...
0:10:09:- And you?|- We may go to America.
0:10:12:Oh, that does make it unlikely.
0:10:14:I'm sorry.
0:10:16:So am I.
0:10:19:MAN:|Read all about it.
0:10:22:Read all about it.
0:10:24:It's so late.|I'm afraid I'll have to take a taxi.
0:10:27:That may not be so simple.
0:10:38:- I don't know any...|- I wish I could have seen the...
0:10:40:(BOTH CHUCKLE)
0:10:42:- What were you going to say?|- I wish I could have seen the ballet.
0:10:45:I'm sure it would have been|a pleasant memory in the trenches.
0:10:48:What were you going to say?
0:10:50:Oh, it's just that I don't know anyone|at the front...
0:10:53:...and I'm afraid it'll bring it home|to me now, knowing you.
0:10:56:- Not that I really know you, of course.|BOY: Here you are, governor.
0:11:04:Thank you very much.
0:11:07:I hope you get back safe and sound.
0:11:09:Thank you.
0:11:12:...take this.
0:11:17:ROY:|Your good-luck charm?
0:11:18:Perhaps it'll bring you luck.|I hope it does.
0:11:20:Oh, now, look here.|I can't take it. It means so much to you.
0:11:23:You'd better have it.|I was beginning to rely on it too much.
0:11:26:Well, that's wonderfully kind of you.
0:11:29:Olympic Theatre, please.
0:11:32:- Goodbye.|- Goodbye.
0:12:55:- Kitty, he's here.|- Who?
0:12:57:Oh, the man in the underground?
0:13:03:I don't understand.|He said he couldn't come.
0:13:05:- I suppose he just came to see the show.|- You don't suppose anything of the kind.
0:13:09:- You said he had to go to a colonel's dinner.|- It's not what I said. It's what he said.
0:14:14:He's nice, isn't he?
0:14:15:He's a bit of all right.|Must have ditched the colonel.
0:14:18:Think he'll come backstage?|What'll madame say?
0:14:20:We must watch and pray.
0:14:25:Oh, girls. Girls, girls.|Please. Please do be quiet.
0:14:29:You know how madame hates noise.
0:14:33:Shh! Shh, shh!
0:14:42:What is pas de bourr�e?
0:14:45:A pas de bourr�e is a progression on points|by a sequence of very small, even steps.
0:14:49:If you know it, why don't you do it|during the performance?
0:14:59:Your arabesques were jumpy.|They were positively epileptic.
0:15:05:Really, I was concerned for you.
0:15:11:Show t...
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