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Digital Matte Painting
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Image by Yanick Dusseault aka Dusso
Digital Matte Painting
Techniques, Tutorials & Walk-Throughs
Collected and Compiled from a wide range of Online-Resources
Being in love with the art of Matte Painting, I collected these tutorials over one year from numerous online-
resources and eventually compiled them into this document. Originally intended for personal use only, I thought
that maybe some people out there might be interested too, so I deceided to relase them to the public. No big thing,
and defenitely nothing new – I just gathered these tutorials to have them all in one place. And if any – or all – of
these tutorials happen to be new to you – even better!
A great thanks goes out to all the artist who put a lot of their time and energy into the creation of these tutorials.
Happy painting!
MBP aka Bass.T , 12/04
Image by Dylan Cole
The Photoshop 7 Paint Engine
Part 1
Defining a custom brush tip shape
by David Nagel
Slap on your smocks and bust out your easels! We're getting down and
dirty with some natural media effects in Photoshop 7's Paint Engine. Yes,
this week we leave the timid realm of compositing for a while and kick
off a new series exploring the sloppy side of digital art.
This new series was prompted, I suppose, by the overwhelming interest in
the Nagel Series 1 Brushes I posted here on DMN a few weeks back. ( My
DMN subscribers can access the ad-free version of that story here.)
Rather than answering every single "How'd you do that?" e-mail I've
received on the subject, I thought I'd take the opportunity to walk you
through the process and hopefully teach you some tricks with the
Photoshop 7 Paint Engine along the way.
We begin today with a look at creating custom tip shapes for our paint
brushes. Granted, the tip shapes are just minor details in the overall functionality of the Paint Engine. But they do
constitute the first step along the way of creating your own brushes that can go way beyond those included in the
default Photoshop 7 brush sets.
The basics
The creation of a custom tip shape can be as simple as placing a few dots on the canvas or as complex as
generating recursive tips that build upon the foundation of a basic brush tip shape. For our example today, we'll
look at the method used to create some of the "cloth" shapes used in the Nagel Series 1 Brushes. begin with a fairly
large canvas--say 300 x 300 pixels--so that you can have some maneuvering room for the tip shape creation
process. Then follow these steps.
1. First, define an irregular area on the canvas using the Lasso tool. After you've created the shape, hold down the
Option key and use the Lasso tool to cut into the shape to create something of the effect of creases or gaps.
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