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The Straightforward Beginner Placement Test has been designed to help you decide whether the Straightforward Beginner course would be suitable for your students or whether they would qualify for using the Straightforward Elementary Course.


The Straightforward Test has 50 questions, each worth one point. The first 40 are grammar questions and the final 10 are vocabulary questions. The conversion chart below has been designed to assist you in making your decision but please note, however, that these bandings are a guide.


Total score


0 – 35


36 – 50



This test can also be used to diagnose the grammar of the Beginner level that your students need clarification on.




1         ____'s your name? Thomas                                                                      Unit 1A

a         How

b         Who

c         What

d         Where

2         This is Lucy and her brother, Dan. ____ my friends.                            Unit 1B

a         We're

b         I'm

c         You're

d         They're

3         ____? I'm from Italy.                                                                                    Unit 1B

a         Where are you from?

b         Where you are from?

c         Where from you are?

d         From where you are?

4         I'm from Milan. ____ is in Italy.                                                        Unit 1C

a         They

b         It

c         He

d         She

5         Excuse me, how ____ your last name? R-I-L-E-Y                            Unit 2A

a         spell

b         you spell

c         do you spell

d         spell you

6         Oh, ____ are my keys!                                                                      Unit 2B

a         This

b         These

c         That

d         It

7         I'd like ____ omelette, please.                                                                      Unit 2C

a         a

b         ¾

c         an

d         two

8         And here is your ____.                                                                      Unit 2D

a         desk

b         desks.

c         a desk

d         an desk.

9         My name's Pete and this is Sylvia. ____ doctors from France.              Unit 3A

a         I'm

b         We're

c         She's

d         They're

10     Sorry, ____ Paul. My name's Eric.                                                        Unit 3B

a         I isn't

b         I is not

c         I aren't

d         I'm not

11     ____? No, he isn't.                                                                                    Unit 3C

a         Are they teachers?

b         Are you from Italy?

c         Is Mr Banning a teacher?

d         Is this your phone?

12     ____ is the school? It's 50 years old.                                                        Unit 4A

a         How many years

b         How much years

c         What years

d         How old

13     What is ____?                                                                                    Unit 4B

a         job Mary

b         Mary job

c         Mary's job

d         job's Mary

14     Your bag is next ____ the table.                                                        Unit 4C

a         on

b         to

c         in

d         of

15     ____ are the keys? On the table.                                                        Unit 4D

a         What

b         When

c         Where

d         Who

16     I go to work ____ train.                                                                      Unit 5A

a         with

b         by

c         for

d         in

17     She ____ a dog.                                                                                    Unit 5B

a         not have

b         don't have

c         don't has

d         doesn't have

18     Stephen ____ in our company.                                                                      Unit 5C

a         work

b         works

c         is work

d         working

19     ____ they live in London?                                                                      Unit 5D

a         Are

b         Is

c         Do

d         Does

20     ____ to the cinema.                                                                                    Unit 6A

a         We not often go

b         We don't go often

c         We don't often go

d         Often we don't go

21     When do you play tennis? ____ Mondays.                                          Unit 6B

a         On

b         In

c         At

d         By

22     What time ____ work?                                                                      Unit 6C

a         starts he

b         do he starts

c         does he starts

d         does he start

23     ____ two airports in the city.                                                                      Unit 7A

a         It is

b         There is

c         There are

d         This is

24     There aren't ­____ here.                                                                      Unit 7B

a         a restaurants

b         any restaurants

c         any restaurant

d         a restaurant

25     I'm afraid it's ____.                                                                                    Unit 7D

a         a hotel expensive

b         expensive hotel

c         expensive a hotel

d         ...

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