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Dinan Signature SerieS
4 Year / 50,000 Mile Warranty
Contact a Dinan Representative or visit dinancars.com for
information on the most extensive line of M5 performance
products available, all backed by the only guarantee that
matches the new car warranty coverage up to 4 years or
50,000 miles.
“…Dinan builds cars by examining each area of perfor-
mance, applying sound engineering principles and ex-
ecuting them with a precision found only at the world’s
inest tuners. Then as now, I’m in awe.”
- european car
Inspired by 29 years of BMW performance tuning and racing experience, the Dinan Signature Series features carefully engi-
neered, balanced high performance solutions for the M5 driver, backed by the only guarantee that matches the new car war-
ranty coverage for up to 4 years/50,000 miles. The enhanced performance can be enjoyed without compromising warranty
coverage or the reliability you expect from a BMW automobile.
Each Dinan Signature Series M5 is adorned with the handsome Dinan deck lid badge, as well as a serial numbered plaque,
verifying authenticity and making the cars that much more exclusive. As a inal touch, Dinan aluminum pedal pads are
included, adding a subtle performance look to the interior.
Dinan S2-M5 481 hp @ 6900 rpm / 419 lb-ft torque @ 5000 rpm
“Dinan’s car is a rocket …and we did not ind a downside or any quirky behavior, with the increased performance.”
-Car and Driver
Includes: Stage 6 Engine Software; High Flow Cold Air Intake; High Flow Air Mass Meters; High Flow Throttle Bodies & Veloc-
ity Stacks; Header System; Free Flow Exhaust; Performance Cam Shafts; Strut and Shock Tower Braces; Stage 2 Suspension
System-Koni (Dinan Mono-Tube shocks available as an option); 3.45 Limited Slip Diferential; Dinan Pedal Pad Set; Serial Num-
bered S2 Plaque; Dinan Deck Lid Badge
“…a thoughtfully engineered package that feels as though it could have come from the factory.”
-Car and Driver
Dinan S3-M5 621 hp @ 7000 rpm / 502 lb-ft torque @ 4500 rpm
Dinan S-M5 402 hp @ 6500 rpm / 375 lb-ft torque @ 4500 rpm
Includes: Stage 2 Engine Software; High Flow Cold Air Intake; Free Flow Exhaust; Front Strut Tower Brace; Dinan Pedal Pad Set;
Dinan Deck Lid Badge; Serial Numbered Dinan S Plaque
“The bottom line is how drivable the S3 is. When you get in and start it up, there’s no indication
of the beast you’ve awakened.” -european car
Includes: S3-M5 Supercharger System; S3 Engine Management Software and Electronics; High Flow-Ram Air Intake; High Flow
Throttle Bodies and Tuned Velocity Stacks; 4:2:1 Stainless Steel Headers; Free Flow Exhaust; Strut and Shock Tower Braces;
Stage 3 Suspension System-Koni (Dinan Mono-Tube shocks available as an option); Rear Subframe Reinforcement; Dinan/
Brembo Brake Conversion; Dinan Lightweight Forged Wheels: Front 18 x 9'' (275/35-18 Tires Sold Separately; Rear: 18 x 9.5''
(285/35-18 Tires Sold Separately); S3-M5 Clutch Package (including Flywheel, Disc/Pressure Plate and Slave Cylinder); 3.45
Limited Slip Diferential; Dinan Pedal Pad Set; Serial Numbered S3-M5 Factory Works Plaque; Dinan Deck Lid Badge
Dinan S1-M5 402 hp @ 6500 rpm / 375 lb-ft torque @ 4500 rpm
Includes: Stage 2 Engine Software; High Flow Cold Air Intake; Free Flow Exhaust; Front Strut Tower Brace; Rear Shock Tower
Brace; Stage 1 Suspension System-Koni (Dinan Mono-Tube shocks available as an option); Dinan Pedal Pad Set; Serial Num-
bered S1 Plaque; Dinan Deck Lid Badge
Signature Package Components available separately.
engine Performance
Exhaust Header System 3 badge points
4:2:1 anti-reversion headers produce signiicant power gains, featuring CNC machined
langes, the inest materials and state of the art welding techniques. Matching Stage 4
Engine Software ensures maximum power output.
+28 hp @ 5500 rpm / +29 lb-ft torque @ 4500 rpm
Performance Engine Software 2 badge points
Dinan recalibrates the M5 engine management system for improved power output and drivability. Safely raises the factory
rev-limit by 250 rpm and removes the top speed governor. Throttle response is more immediate in both the standard and
sport modes. Diferent stages of Dinan software are available in order to optimize performance and drivability from speciic
combinations of Dinan engine enhancements. +5 hp / +5 lb-ft torque
“Perhaps the most gorgeous set of headers ever to grace a BMW” -european car
High Flow Cold Air Intake System 3 badge points
Ensures that the powerful M5 engine is breathing plenty of cool, oxygen rich air for maximum
performance under varying driving conditions. Replaces the factory air-boxes with twin high
low air ilters feeding large diameter intake plumbing, carefully designed to minimize air turbu-
lence for optimum intake air-low. The ilters are relocated outside of the engine compartment,
insulating the intake from under-hood heat. Additional heat shields are incorporated to block
the low of power-robbing hot air passing over the radiator. The system also includes modi-
ied fog light trim rings in order to take advantage of the ram air efect at speed. The stock air
temperature sensor location within the Air Mass Meter feeds the engine management system
with an artiicially high reading, resulting in reduced power output. An air temperature sensor
relocation kit is included, providing a more accurate reading for consistent performance. Dinan
Stage 2 Engine Software is highly recommended, ensuring optimum power and drivability.
+5 hp @ 7000 rpm / +4 lb-ft torque @ 7000 rpm
High Flow Throttle Bodies
& Tuned Velocity Stacks 2 badge points
Stock throttle bodies are bored to a larger internal diameter, further improving airlow for
increased power and crisp throttle response. Stock velocity stacks are replaced with spun
aluminum units, shaped and sized for maximum power gains. Stage 5 Engine Software
optimizes power output and drivability.
+39 hp @ 6900 rpm / +30 lb-ft torque @ 7000 rpm
High Performance Cams 2 badge points
Performance cams are available for use with the S2 engine components, adding 11 horsepower
at 7000 rpm. Stage 6 Engine Software re-calibrates the engine management system speciically
for the cams, maximizing power output.
+11 hp @ 7000 rpm
Free Flow Rear Mulers 3 badge points
Increases power output without
the excessive noise and “boominess”
associated with typical aftermarket
exhausts. Manufactured from 20
gauge-304 stainless steel, featuring Dinan's Tuned Resonance Chamber Technology
for the optimum balance between maximum power gains and a sporty exhaust note.
At just 37.6 lbs., weight is reduced by nearly 29 lbs. Dual 3” diameter polished stainless
tips give the cars a tasteful performance look as well.
+6 hp @ 6500 rpm / +5 lb-ft torque @ 6500 rpm
“The exhaust system delightfully burbles at idle
and emits a satisfying rasp at full throttle, but
it settles into a subdued hum when cruising.”
Supercharger System 10 badge points
Producing an incredible 621 horsepower and 502 lb/ft torque, the super-
charged M5 is one of the most shining examples to date of what makes a
Dinan BMW so much more than typical “tuner cars”, sure to exceed even the
wildest expectations for performance, drivability and durability.
For maximum output, the high low throttle bodies, header system and free
low mulers have been incorporated into the system. Structural enhance-
ments are included,
enabling the driver to
take full advantage of
the enormous power
by addressing the stresses 502 lb-ft torque place on the vehicle’s drive train
and chassis. A high-torque capacity clutch is included as well. As you would expect for a car producing this kind of power, a
Dinan suspension, larger wheels with sticky tires, as well as the big brake conversion are highly recommended. The super-
charger system is backed by a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty (whichever occurs irst).
-Car and Driver
“It’s literally like Nirvana… it gives you everything
you need. There is always more power, more
acceleration and endless thrill.”
High Flow Air Mass Meter Housings 2 badge points
Larger housings compliment the intake system by further improving the engine's ability to breathe.
A larger internal diameter enables air to low more freely to the intake plenum for increased power.
Stage 3 Engine Software optimizes power gains and drivability.
+6 hp @ 7000 rpm / +5 lb-ft torque @ 7000 rpm
-european car
721492427.012.png 721492427.013.png 721492427.001.png
High Performance S62 Engine
A cost efective, high performance solution for those facing an engine replacement or rebuild. Employing technology that has
made Dinan’s Grand-Am Daytona Prototype version of the S62 engine both competitive and reliable ensures optimum perfor-
mance along with race-proven durability. The enhanced S62 engines are balanced and blue-printed, featuring lightweight, low
friction pistons and performance cams. Producing 415 horsepower, output can be increased to 490 hp with the addition of the
Dinan intake, exhaust, headers and throttle bodies (S2 engine components). Backed by a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty.
Suspension Systems 5 badge points
Dinan ofers the grip that enthusiasts demand for handling that is
precise and predictable while at the same time maintaining an almost
surprising level of ride comfort and civility. Dinan ofers three complete
suspension systems for the M5, each providing increasing levels of per-
formance handling that will exceed even the most aggressive driver's
expectations. Koni rebound adjustable shocks and struts are employed
in each system. Proprietary Dinan mono-tube racing type shocks are
available as an option with each suspension system.
SuSPenSion anD chaSSiS
“…the most remarkable handling mid-size sport sedan this
writer has ever driven …like the world’s biggest formula car..”
-european car
Strut and Shock Tower Braces Front: 2 badge points / Rear: 1 badge point
Strut and Shock Tower Braces maintain the structural integrity of the
towers over the life of the vehicle as well as providing sharper steering
response by reducing lex under harder cornering conditions. The attrac-
tive brushed aluminum and carbon iber braces may be installed in con-
junction with any of the Dinan Suspension
Systems or the stock components.
Stage 1
Comprised of carefully matched performance springs and cus-
tom-tuned Koni struts and shocks (Dinan mono-tube shocks
available as an option at additional cost), the system reduces
the pitch and roll associated with the stock suspension for fast-
er and more predictable cornering capabilities. The lower ride
height gives the M5 an even more aggressive stance, as well as
improving suspension geometry.
Stage 2
Adds a larger 28mm front and 17mm adjustable rear anti-roll
bar to the Stage 1 springs and shocks, further reducing body
roll for increased grip and reduction of under steer.
Stage 3
Adds front Camber Plates to the Stage 2 springs, shocks and
anti-roll bars. Camber Plates dramatically reduce under steer
or the car's tendency to “plow” the front end, providing a more
neutral balance and razor sharp turn-in.
Dinan 18” Lightweight Forged Wheels 5 badge points / set
Dinan’s 18 x 9.5'' rear and 18 x 9” front spread-forged wheels are the lightest and strongest available,
weighing a mere 18 lbs. each. Every surface is machined, eliminating unnecessary material for a
dramatic reduction of un-sprung weight, improving handling, acceleration, braking and even ride
quality. The wheels accommodate huge 285/35-18 and 275/35-18 tires, improving overall grip as
well as dramatically reducing under steer.
Mono-Ball Lower Control Arm Bearings
1 badge point
Dinan’s robust mono ball lower control arm bearings address the excessive delec-
tion associated with the stock bushings which negatively afects steering response
as well as exacerbating the efects of brake shimmy. Ride quality is also improved
as the mono ball bearings are actually more compliant. Featuring racing quality
spherical bearings in precision machined aluminum housings, the bearings are sub-
stantially larger than competing products for greater load handling capabilities and
durability. A special Telon lining ensures quiet operation, providing the beneits of
greatly reduced delection without the annoying clanking that is common among
lesser quality products.
Dinan Performance Brakes by Brembo 3 badge points
Dinan and Brembo ofer ultimate stopping power for the M5 while maintaining the
quiet operation, pedal feel and wear indicator systems that are appropriate for street
applications. Featuring massive 4-piston aluminum calipers (black or red) and two-
piece slotted or drilled rotors measuring 355mm in the front and 345mm at the rear
(stock rotors: 345mm front / 328mm rear). Goodridge stainless steel brake lines are
included, further improving pedal feel.
721492427.002.png 721492427.003.png 721492427.004.png
Driveline & acceSSorieS
3.45 Limited Slip Diferential 2 badge points
Lowers the stock 3.15 inal drive ratio to 3.45 for a 9.5% increase in torque delivered to the road.
The result is dramatically improved acceleration in every gear, with only a minor increase in engine
speeds at cruise and no efective reduction in top speed potential.
Lightened Flywheel 2 badge points
Dinan lightens the stock dual-mass lywheels for a 40% reduction of rotational mass providing faster
engine revs and acceleration, as well as improved throttle response. The enhanced performance is
provided without compromising the durability and smooth engagement of the stock clutch and there’s
no annoying noises to contend with as with typical lightweight lywheels.
Short Shift Kit 1 badge point
Reduces the amount of throw necessary to shift gears for a sportier feel. The nylon pivot ball and shifter bushing are retained,
providing the same smooth and quiet operation as the original shifter. Other short shifters employ metal components that
tend to be noisy and induce a notchy feel. The short-shifters are rubber isolated for factory-like, vibration free operation.
Reduces throw by 17% and lowers the shift knob by 1/2''.
Dinan Pedal Pads 1 badge point
Stylish spun aluminum pedal pads with anti-slip rubber inserts feature the Dinan logo, adding
a great high performance look to the interior of your M5. Available for manual and automatic
The Dinan Badge
The Dinan badge cannot be purchased but rather is provided at no charge when your
Dinan performance selections total 10 points, making your Dinan enhanced BMW M5 as
exclusive as it is exciting to drive.
Signature Floor Mats
Floor-mat sets feature the Dinan logo and are available in colors to match your BMW carpet.
865 Jarvis Dr. • Morgan Hill, CA 95037 • 800-341-5480 • www.dinancars.com
Some products not legal for sale or use in California. Contact Dinan directly or visit dinancars.com for the current emissions status of each product.
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