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First published online 10.06.2009
Teacher’s Notes
Country facts
by Agnieszka Szeżyńska
Type of activity: pairwork – speaking, matching,
completing sentences
5. Take away the card sets and distribute the
‘Part 2’ worksheets. Ask students to work
individually and complete the sentences with
names of countries.
Focus: names of countries
Level/age group : grade 1 (elementary)
6. Ask students to compare their answers in pairs
and then check with the whole group.
Time: 15-20 min.
Preparation: Copy and cut up:
– one set of ‘Part 1’ cards per pair of students
You can ask students to produce similar gap-
filling sentences about other countries and then
ask others to complete them with names of
– one ‘Part 2’ worksheet per student
1. Brainstorm students’ knowledge of names of
countries in English – list the countries on the
2. Ask students to work in pairs and write down
one piece of culture related info per country
(for example France – eating frogs, or Japan
– sumo). Allow 1-3 minutes depending on the
number of countries listed.
3. Distribute the card sets and ask students to
use the cards to form 12 sentences (each
about a different country). Monitor and help
if necessary.
4. Check with the whole group.
Koalas live in Australia.
Switzerland is famous for its cheeses.
Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle of Spain.
The Great Wall is in China.
Volkswagen is produced in Germany.
Samba comes from Brazil.
Ruble is the currency of Russia.
Burrito comes from Mexico.
You can visit the Louvre Museum in France.
Sicily is an island in Italy.
Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.
Stonehenge is in the United Kingdom.
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