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: " Rrd I locdrd. an'f Wold o n.lrift ciourf. #rA ?,fir lhr cloud onr nrl iik Y rto
: . ILr .Gr J man. ka;.iur on kis kraJ a ~uI.ttnCI.UIU~.
atad i~ his Latrdn s ., -p
on the 'fdudfLr:'st i#t 4;s si.,LYt om the c,~rt.k, .an,/ tAs r.a:.th
i u-as rra/rd."-Rev. xiv.
" Tht kamrst ir tlre rnd of the 1Yurhi."-hlrlt. xiii : 39.
le77. .
. s&.&k: and 4r thats~~t
1 j
111 oITiaring fl~iq 1111oli
to ll~ct ~~oglt.
:tntl Cll1u1r.1~
of Ocnl, t11c.n ritor, \\.lrilr
frcclv ;~rkno\\.!cclgirl;: his i11d~I~t~t111csq
fur INI~III~
of its lwt thot~ght*
fric~itlsof tlrc C'~IIIW,
is nworc of his i~~itl~ility
to (lo justice to t11c great
If t11c:yarc of ctryrrlue, their i~n~mrta~icusl~~t~ld
tile iu~prft-c!tions of ll~ct~~ge~~ts
in Lllcir clisscri~in:~lio~~.
dlld IIliI?
Ootl iu 11i.sinfi~~itcl
lore, c-:iu.w tl~al
the 11mk III:IV acrcui~~l)lislr
t11e \vo~
k i~f
the (Il~t~rc-11
111; Iiiblc. pli~n c~f
Thrco \Irorlcls, - - - - - - -
I'.\(i x.
Coming Forty Yciua of 'Troi~lle. - .
. ..
Seven llc;~els of I:OIIII:. - - -
. z'~
of tile COIII~II~
of <:l~riat, .
- . -
Saint :ind .\11ge1, - - - - - - - - -
\\'cf 1i110\v 1.:a1:11 Olll(.~1'11(:rc$ ?
. :Iti
? . -13
Tllc Knluntl rncl tl~c.Spirit~~al, - . . . . . . 31
OF (io~--\\'iIlit I)(: .seen by JIoni~ls
- - - -
1?t111 of 1<~11~111ptioi1,
- - - . . . . . . 50
Ciblc Cl~ronole~gy, - - - - - - - . . Ui
110 Iirougl~t
to Tri;il? (92
'I'in~cs of tl~cC:entilcs, - . . . 71
Tlr~ Two Cou~sah-.rs,or, .Jc\visl~and Qwpel ~)k~~n~~tions,
Tl~eJ~l)il~x?, - .. . -
- - . .
. 85
Tlie.llolyPlucc., - - . - - - - '-
. 10.1
- - . - -
Elijnl~,the l'ropl~et. . -
1 24)
; Its Reginnin& rind its 1*:1;d, -
- 124
Tlie Eve I\'ingdon~s,and tlle~rLocality.
A~iticl~risl, - - - - - -
. . I:;.&
Tho &:vc!i~ Tn1111pc1x. . . - - . .
. 131;
- - . .- . -
Seven St-&,
L:tsl Plagues. - . - .
Tile Scrc~~
Tho Church and tlle \\'orl(I., - - -
. 1.50
IC:rstern Question, . . -
is 1*';1lle11, . .. -
The Iiilrgdon~of (:oil, - - -
Parnhlc of tllc Ten Irirgins, - -
Sllmmnry, . - - ' - .. _ - .
. -
- -.-
- la!!
- lV2
Notes on Cl~ronology, - - - -. -
The Two-l~orneclIleast, - -
Tlie Seven Cl~urcliesof Asia. -
aad plan ofreclcn~intioi~,
A fonrth world, or a foirrtli heaven, is 11om11erenamed ill the
Bible or nsaociated mitli the past, prcsc~it.,orfntr~re,of man; btlt.
three heavens and three eartlis, are distir~ctly~nentio~~ed.
worlds must bc recognized.-Not t IC 11ca\.cn,earth, and hell, of
the catechism; but tlie world tliat wns before the flood; "tl~is
present evil world;" and " the world to comc." Apt1 all that
God has revealed of man or his dcstiay, is associated ~vit,liol~e
or more of tlicse worlds. And tlicy follow cach other; that is,
ao t\vo exist at one and the snme time; hence the Bible is a pro-
gressive science.
If the above is trne?tlie wllole of Ilevclntion, wllcn 1)roperly
handled, will arwl~ge
mass of facts, commancln~el:ts,
arid promises, will prove snsccpdblc of pcrfcct orgyization, ev-
cry part taking its true place.
tllc truth of the above, and it is sns-
tairied from Genesis to Rcvelntion, much of tllc obscurity con-
nected with tlie plan of salvation would I'RII~SII;a~id ?L(I~~ZO~!/
exist among tlie inany apparently conflictin$ texts of Scripture.
ICnch of tllese thrce worlrlu is spoken of 111 2 l'eter 3rt1, as a
distinct "J~caaetts and eartl~." '"The heavens were of old, nl~d
If one ~vonldbut ad~riit
cart]], stallding out of tl~cwater, and in the water; mhcrcliy
i.lle world tl~nt
t11c11was being ovcrflomed with wntcr, ~~r~islrt-!l:
but t11c hcnrc~~s
and e:~r111wllicli aye no?o fclcnrl y fil\okc~lof ns
snme ~voril,31.c kept ill store ,;TI-
10 fire. . . . Kcvcrtl~clcss, n-C, nccoriling t,o Iris j)ro~uisc,
from the fonnei] by tl~c
look itir
n 72~10 Iica~c11
:\11d n nczo c:lrtll \\,llcrcin dn.cllctll ~igl~tcolisl~r~>s
5-13 hTot~vith~tn~ld;rlg
worlds nrcL will I:.,
in ordcr to understand the lnl~guac of Scriptarc, these three
itself into one grand syste~ii. Aiid tlic (Ic-
t.ails, instcad of beii~g a conf~~sed
a cliai~geof diq)enfia-
tion; as is provcn, not only by tllc facts conncotcd with the flood,
but also by positive Scriptnre testimony. At the flood the wa-
tCrs rosc uiitll tile liills \rere covered, and the11 the monntait~s;
and when the waters subsided, the tops of tl~cmou~itainsand tho
llills a11 cared again. Ai~d
if tliey P iad becn floatiiig on tlie water the dove could llarc fouiid
rest for tlic solc of llcr feet. And whcii sent out tlicscco~~cl
even the trees wcrc not nprooted, for
bearing an olive leaf, plzcelced qff, "so Nonli ki~ew
tIi:rt the wsten wcrc abated from off tlic carth." If the olivc
tree liad bee11 Ilontiiig, tl~c
plwkcd-off leaf would 11at.c been no
sign of tlic waters having abatcd. Tl~usit appears tlicre was
little or JIO cliangc of the earth, or Iierrvens, but simply a grcat
destruction of life. And yet tllc Iai~g~iagc,
taker1 literally, \vould
imply a total annihilation of both hca~eiisand cnl-tli; :rrid tl~c
one "that now is," is ~ncntioiicdas a~aothcr hesrei~saiid cartl~,
wllich, in turn, is to " pass away," not with a grcat flood, but 1ritl1
a grcat ~ioisc." And yet the general teaching of Scripture is
that the "passing away" of this present llcavcns and earth, is
only a change of dis )ensation, ntteiided with great ncltio7aul (lc-
struction. l~rI'liou,krcl, in tlie beginnilig bast 1:~iclthe fo1111d:t-
tion of tlic eartli, ancl tlie heavens arc tlic ~vorksof thy ha11~1s.
They shall perish, but thou rcmaiuest; tlicy all sllall was old :rs
cloth a arment, and as a vesture shalt tlio~~
they ,9l~a8 6e changed; b~~t
t11011 art tlic sainc, and tliy yew s]lall
fold thein II~, alld
not fail" (IIeb. 1: lo).
'I'liis is in llarnloi~ymrith Ps. 03: 1, " lllc u.orld is cstablislled
that it cari~lotbe moved." " JVliilc the cart11 rcmai~ictll,seed-
tinlo and harvest, cold and heat, somiller atid nvintcr,nrld day nIli(
Jligllt siiall not cease;" and " th~
shall inllcrit the land, aucl dwell thcrcia fol+cvcr.v
Tlie for~nerdispensation rm called t11c old world (2 peter
2: 5). And this, " the world that now is;" and that \rhicll is to
follow, "tlw neu, li&ven~
c:rrth abidctli forecm.." And
and ~arth;"or "world to conlc.n
Thc order of si~ccessionmay Be illustrated to tl~c
eye, thus;
There are also throe subdivisions of the world that now is, vie.
4 YY.hl TIIl<iTX 1 170 Zt ADJS.
"l~erisli," or "pass away," this plaiict ii tl~cbasis of all tlirec;
pussing azony lncai~irignothiiig morc tli:~~
- slic rctl~ri~cd
(L the ri l~teous
the Patriarchal age, reachieg from the flood to the death of Ja-
cob; the Jewish age, reaching to the death of Christ; and the
Gosl)el a e, reachmg to tlic first resurrection, and end of this
world. then follows " nga to comc " (Bplrc. 2: 7)); the firnt of
mliich is the millcnnial agc; or i-atllcr tho age of colzquest, for in
it Clirist is to " rcign until he has s~ibducd
Thcu the gos 1 was given that the " sced," wit I tlie Grent Cap-
tain of our sacation, " might be made pcrfcct through suflering."
The "Seed," means one complete Christ; in otller words, the
head and bod ; "He aaith not, ancl t.o seeds, as of many; but
na of one, An d to thy Sccd, wliicli is Christ" (Gnl. 3: 16 . "And
if y.c be Cllrist's then are ye Abr:~t~aiii's
lieira according to the promise "
Ye=. 29) . Thus the object and
sced [not scc s], and
ivork of the gospcl is to perfect t iis L'seccl," tho~ewho are to
take the name of Christ, and bcconlc one with him. And this
agrees wit.h Acts 16: 14; " Simeon llntli declared how Godatthe
first did visit tho Gentiles, to taka out of
name.** And this is the sole object of
tiles; not to convert tlie world, that work
nial age, but to perfect the second Adam
Christ and his wife. And tho millennia1 age is introdnced by
the marriapc of tho Lamb; " Let us be glad and rejoice, and give
Ironor to him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and hie wife
hath madc lie~gelfready" (IZcv, 19: 7).
This world cnds with the second coming of Christ and the res-
urrection of this " seed;" just this nt~mberwho make up the body
of Christ, "Chriet, the first frtiite, afterwards the that arc
Christ's, at his cominq" And then it iq the work o the snlva-
tion of the worM begl~is.
All that wsa lost ill Adam, is to bc restored in the second Ad-
am. And this "restitntion of all tl~ing,"beginsonly atthe scc-
ond advent: " Itcpcnt ye tliercfore, and beconvcrtcd, that your
sins may be blotted out., when tlic timcs of refreshing shall comc
from the prescncc of the Lord, and he shdl send Jesus Christ,
which before lwne preached unto you; whom tlic heaven must re-
ccive until the timcs of rcstitlrtion of dlthings; which God hath
spoken by the mouth of all his holy pro1)licte since tlio world be-
gan " (Acts 3 : 19-21 .
11 rcs~iti~tio~r
:r rcal,l.reci.io~~
or lllc
all cricmies; and dcatll
is the last enemy that shall bc conqnercd " (1. Cor. 15: 26).
In the world that was before tho flood, man was without law
or national government; and the result wasutter corruption. In
tlic world that now ia, a system of gradual development has ob-
tained. Under the patriarchal age a peoplc were called out; af-
tcr which, "the law. was a schoolm.zster to brin ris to Chri~t."
of a1 1 tl~it~gs,
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