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' illat if one died for all, then were (not referring hortation :oo plain to be misunderstood. But
I,o second death) all dead?" Again Paul says the idea s+:ems to get into some minds t.hat the
in Heb. 9: 27, bL and as it is appointed (not as Bible is a book of mysteries, and cannot be un-
i.t is going bo be appointed, but is) unto mall derstood by "common people;" that it has a
once to die, and after this the judgment." We cispiritual meaninan and that which appears on
read there is a death after the judgment, and it the face of it is not its true meaning. That is a
is called a death tor, or on account of, sin, and mistaker~idea: for, instead, the Bible purports t,o
is also called the second death. Question-What be God's -.<illrevealed to man, all5 if it is some-
caused the first death? Paul positively says that thing reve:.iied it carlnot be sometlling myste-
inan's transgression caused death, and Paul pas- rious, for t.!~cyare opposites; and that he designed
itively says all sinned in Adam. 1 it to be understood is evident, for he says, that
Again, What is the penalty of sin? as we have bL the things that are revealed belong unto us a~~d
positively proved that Adam sinned, and that all to our children forever (Deut. 29: 29).
t,he race sinned in Adam. God says the penalty The Lord has given uj an infallable rule by
c:f sin is death. Paul says in Gal. 3: 13, " Christ which to ir:terpret his wo:.d, and that is the way
hat11 redee.med us from the curse of the law. the prophecies and promises have been fulfilled
Again, in Gal. 4: 4, Paul says, " When the full- as recorded in the book itself and also in history.
of Speedy Rc,lr~~n~~ti~~,
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The Bible-No 3. J. Ridley..
Separation. Mrs. C. Case.
Mr. Baxter's Antichrist J. E. Clark..
"Disobediint to P~rants." J. P. &Iarquand.
Camoaisn Paoer. A. A. .................
Bible Investigation. C D. W. Scott. .......
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ness of time came God sent forth his Son made I Concerr~in~
his first advent the prophet said
of a woman, made under the law, to redeam them that he should be born in Bethlehem (Mich. 5: 2)
timt are under the law." What law? Here, we while another said that the Lord would call hiin
t:il.l~erstand or fall. Atark you, it is luu! now. out of Egypt (Hos. 11: l), two seemirigly c:or~-
I I' (iotihad originated a law and created man by tradictory statements, 1,11t wc: firltl I8I1:l,l, 1101~11 01'
I,IIII,I I~I,\V, :1,11cl 1)y I,l~:it,I:L\\ 1~ 'wits ordai~~ed
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to die, t,}l(:rIl 1Vcl.e trllt! \i(,<:l.:~,lI,y;
(or .I~!~I!N \vi1,1 Il111.11 ill
IVII~II. 1li1l (;otl I,l~~.trr~.l,tr~~
wiI.11 (I~!IL~~I
11. ~~~~~,111~~11~~1~1~
I)I,I, 1111 II,I~.~~IIIIII~,
....... I,., 1.
"One B*pti~n." J. S. Lawver..
' 1:ccond woe is past, and b ~lva'&~dThings. Mrs. L. D. Carey.
!;ohby preachers aiuc? 1 cyclones, earthquakes, and fiery trials arc just
,road until the means j the forerunner.
to 1 prepare them for corning wrath, of which these
Yet I shall be, when t
The author of this 'epitaph had read J&-
miah's ti~scriytion of t,lle death of Rachel's
other class. Weeds / The Philade@hia Ledger, in a recent issue re-
: tending, but if you marks upon the la,te destructive storms and
lie de-
clares t,hat while in death's state they "xere
that have visited the
world, and adds by way of ioquiry :
"Was there anything in the atmospheric con-
n, and the weeds kept
. -
brethren, saia, "Oue is not,," reierring to Jose?';,
whcm they supposed dead (Gen. 42 : 32). They
had learned this idea of death from their father,
Jacob, who mournfully exclaimed, "Joseph is
not," referring to his supposed death (Gen. 43 :
36). "Was, and is not," in Rev. 17th, describes
the beast before and while wounded to death.
hction in this matter
uth, preachers, papers I ditions at the times of these fires to give uilusual
otency to the nonsumi~igelenlent ? This is not
/ esked as a question t,hat can be answered, but as a
.as not awakened to it, 1 quastion to suggest inquiry, in its relations to
here in the office have the extraordinary atmospheric disturbauces
.able t,llat we s]lould , which have marked this season, anrl which, to
a distance
us i some extent, characterized the period at which
1 he Chicago fire occurred. In this last-
We an- mentioned year, and near about the . time of
It was evidently customary in the days of patri-
archs and prophets to spaalr of death as a state
of temporary non-being. This old epitaph is in
striking harmony with the above quotations.
In Anvell church-ya,rd, Hartfordshire, Eng.,
on the tombstone of Thomas Manger is the fol-
lowing :
"That which. a beiug was, what is it., show ?
That heing which was, what ie it n~,w ?
'To be ;utie.t 'tis.is not to be, you set:,;
'That which now is not, shall a being be."
In our conflicts for the hope of Iarael it is
truly cheering to read these long-ago testimonies.
~g on bare groond, UP i the Chicago calamity, there were most disastrous
,hanlr God ! we have a i forest and prairie fires in Minnesota and Wiscon-
will pull in spite of ; and intelligent persons who were eye-
ve on." That team is i:tnesse~ to them, in Wisconsin, testified that
carts the I of the fire; that ,peat luminous balls traversed
LO support and help on the air ill the afaicted districts; and that nkw
I hot blasts swept the country for miles in advance
They have pulied the / flames started up at considerable distances from
;he evidence of the past ; :hcz:zi? body c.? the conflagr:ttion. Assuming
I these statements to be true, and they have not
1 been questioned within onr knowledge, there
read this paper and would seem to have been something in the air
h~ be uzed in the Lord's of that region, at that time, which gave it ex-
/ rou to arousa to action. ! traordinary potency to excite combustion, to
bbese tracts, and
their work? Look 1 &a, and other scientists tell us about this?
the side of help. Let 1 Giyen these coincident circumstances, are there
Caleb and Joshua for any relations between them, and does the at-
iety by donations for its I mosphere at times get into a condition to make
feed fire, and to carry it over long distances.
I What can our meteorologisLs, physicists, chemT
:achers who are at man- I ~t extremely susceptible to fire, or to give it an
1 unusual power to excite and feed combustion ?
-. -
THL: Iowa Stat.e_Carnpmeetingis td commence
on the 10th of August. See the change in the
date in the notice.
BRO. J. RIDLEY writes in a:private note of a
reccnt two month's trip in southwestern' Iowa,
as pleasant and resulting in good. He sowed
the seed of truth in some new fields, and some
started for the kingdom.
ELD. GEO.W. GREEN, of Memphis, Ind., re-
ports baptizing three persons at Muddy Fork
church, on the 8th inst.,Land there are others
expecting to go forward in that ordinance eoon.
The interest therc is on the increase, and God's
name is bcing g'::rine<.
THE church in North Fairfield, Ohio, has no
regular preacher. Bro. Harvey writes us that
Bros. Jefferson and Alling from Norwalk supply
them occasionally, and that they have good
social meetings, and .they llve in hopes that the
Lord will send some one among them to preach
the word of divine truth. May it be so.
If they are not ) If there be any such influences-evenif there be
Ost, them go and 1 only a suspicion of them-and if this season,
lead, arid that you will ! with its long list of hurricanes, severe storms,
veakness and stren,pthen"l and disastrous forest and city fires be one oi
go on, and you will be
leantime, let those who
to introduce the paper
~d God ill bless their
the seasons when such agencies may be potent
in the air, then it is a season to be on guard
against the beginnings of fires, whether by 'ac-
cident' or by spontaneous combustion, or by
the fire-cracker and rocket-stick. Those
people are wise who do not tempt fate or under-
take to defy the powers of nature."
such inquiFic6 ,;; e \\ tp1l
[ready in your hands are
i::.li.., 7; ..-e rtf the
Almighty is better. Most people regard these
fearful scenes as but "visitations" to this earth.
uuu tcj :-,.
,LL, i-7~4
. called "elemental dis- 1 We remark, however, that instead of belng
t the world, as the ac- '(visitors," they have come to stay, and by the
earthquakes, fires and i best of evidence, both scientific and Biblical,
In to them. But their 1 they will not cease their work until the final
Ice have led people to re- shaking of the heavens and the earth, which
thing besides mere dis- shall result in "the removing of those things
.ful raging and a furious 1 that are shaken, as of things that are made,
,r some future disaster of ! that those things which cannot be shaken may
ONE N. H. Barbour, called Dr. arbo our,\
with h1s confreres, J. H. Paton and C. T.
Russell, is traveling around the country, going
nitude. I remain1' (Heb. 12 : 27).
of nature that are manl- Having the mind of the Spirit that first moved
eneral as to create suspi- ( upon the chaos of matter, and brought light and
g =any wise heads, who order to nature, we may rest assured that this
everywhere that they can find Adventists, and 1
preaching that Jesus has come secretly, and will 1
soon be revealed, and mingling in their lectures 3
a lot of "Age-to-come" trash, all to subvert i
iat the course of nature is 1 Spirit, under whose dispensation we now live,
luraged in
children in lrjs thirty-first chapter wl~ere
disastrous ~o~nflagrations
Jacob's children, rrhen spszkicr - 8
e for some time pwt re-
-- ,
their hearers. They are not endorsed by hand arlri lamps trimmed and well burning. The At present, the ,I~T
Adventists, '(Age-to-come" folks, or anybody eyes of the world are upon us, and if we let our of California is at this
else, yet having some money and a few sympa- light go
thefwili be lost.
the 17th of May, and
It is over ten years since I first experienced in the name of the Lo
thizers they
run awhile. ~h~~
the love of Chrrst, and I have attended many serve the Lord, and
lneetings, but do not re~nemberhearing one ser- works. Sr. M. J. Clar
have been to Ohio and Indiana and are working
westward. We are
informed lhat One mon on the second coming of Cldst until last preaching, relieved or
in Union
Ind" a few days winter, and that was by Eld. Mabey, at South Carpenter, of Vallejo.
that they
evbry Advent IXume, Whiteside county, Ill. Thailks be to .has been among us wii
church in the lard. We guess not. Their
ging, we have a little baed of chris-
whole work is proselyting. The Lord never
sent them on their mission. Give them no
place, and go not near them or countenance
tians t'here who are at work in earnest, and are
letting their light shine; and we have prayer-
meeting every Thursdayevening, which is well
att,ended, and the interest is steadily increasing.
Fro111 Hettie M. Pa
cere thanks for the re,
welcome visitor, the
6kmwq.mxden C.L
~ =-.
% 2-goodylz:~p;;ct. filr :a. grind work to he
that I have
once more if perusing
I should dearly love
brethren and sisters ai
the description of
pleasure. My prayer:
How it cheers my 1
from the loved ones, a
to meet with them. I
ing here, I was permi
sister once a week at l
ated from ,her, slle bej
Nebraska teaching r
alone here among stra
I look forward
my sohool, when, if ri
once more with somc
People here think net;
to three dances durin;;
ty of tile church-mrr
party. How sr-a;;:
done here; and may God give us all faith to be-
-- lieve that we rnay see the car of salvation move
From Eld. D. T. Call, H&ockbriclge,0. , forward and the cause of Christ prosper. I be-
BRo. BuRn:-After so long silence 1 will write I lieve -that the lack of faith arnong God's children
you a line, that you may know how we are get- 1 is a great%inderance.
ti11g along here in your old field of labor. The I
church here is still alive, tllough not as much 1
" Oh, for a faith that will not shrink,
Though pressed by every foe ;
alive to the nearness of the coming of Christ, and /
That will not tremble on the brink
Of any earthly woe."
their condition, as they should be. I am preach- 1
Froin Charles F. Barlow, Roue, Iowa.
BRO. BURR:-I thought it a duty as well, as a
privilege to write the T1ues, and let the
i brethren know that I and my little family are
to serve Our Master Our weakness, and
ing to the church ill hfillville llalf of the time, and
working new fields the other half. The people
are showing a deep interest in the gospel of the
kiiigdom, arid many are acceptiilg it. I must say
that 1 like the appearance of the T1nrEs in it new
may continue to carry comfort and cheer to tile 1 messenger to as. We read it with much interest.
waiting and longing ones, who are looking for
It feeds
and hasting unto the coming of the day of God." them, but there are
many around us in need
For myself, I can say that the cause of Christ of such its they contaill' We give them
is dearer to me to-day than ever, and his truth is I to OUT "eii?llbors* believing they will
do some
clearr.than ever before, and I feel more and more / good.
There are no
8 -!I -" ti:E
I faith: !rut l,?e srt. millin:; to fight the battle alone lI..;iiY..,
, . ..-
-- S-.-T
of the Lord than ever before. Oh, Bro. Burr, it 'till God gives the increase. My Prayer is that I Kindly soliciting
FA..r <-
3 L lL-j7
..>-. ;q.7
is precious to iLmu
that we are iIl his care, and I he will raise up a people here that will preach his
truth. A1~ burns within me when I hear
them preach 'L peace and safety," and that the
loss of a darling child, who had heen with us only 1 world is growing better.
that whatever onrnes upon us is for our good.
Last January we were called upon to'monrn the
Frorn,Mrs. C. C. Ft
BRO.BuRR:-I can
and his goodness enE
one short year, just long enough for our hearts /
I have given away
Bro.Mood~'stracts for his children and lr
' 0" "The Second Co~ningof the I~ord,"and we seen and unseen-
think they are doillg a little ~ood. The report
1 has been circulated about tlie.~leif;hborhoodthat
I am blcwirlg tlle coming to an end,
and tlx: Methodist preacher told nle he did not
I want me to talk my peculiar views in his meet-
ings. But by the grace of G-od I an1 cietonnined
fight the good
to twine their arms of love around her, wheu she
was taken from us, and we were left to mourn,
But, glory to God, Jesus is corning soon, and he
will restore her to our arms. Pray i'or us. I re-
main yours iu the "tie that binds."
Prum Geo. Breclca?nridge, T:~nmpico,Ill.
Brio. Bun~:-As 1 feel it my duty t;~
plenty of again
to murnlur. B~~ I 2
the name of the JAor,5
those that put
do all 1
can for the cause of Christ, I take this opl.)ortu-
nity to write a few lines, this being the iirst time
I ever atteinpted to wr'ite for publioatiou. TL
subject I want to speak about is the ten virgins
that' are spoken of in Matt. 25. I understand
faith, and lay
long. I do t rc-r.
_ ye
eternal life.
I have a class in the Methodist Sunday-school.
After Sunday-school we have prayer meeting, and
-': - - .;-
- --
I rejoice t~zr
- -
rrt -%
/ I am determined to hold up the truth as long as '
, understanding; do justly, love mercy, and -;rG
I live, and may I do it with the Spirit and the 9:
-.. 5'- -- - - -
. . . .. - M
those ten virgins to mean the churcli, and not 1 humbly before my God. Let us ii? -:;
r -; ayh*a
fi8L b
the whole world, as it may be supliosed by some
thnt f; ;re -,risr rirgi.~s yarn tlil church. 1 I,i 1,. 'yhe time ilk,s come rij;<= zL2 :-T ,,:,j:l ?
heads aud :.ejoice, for our r?.>x;<::
ma- : ii:! .w~n-' a .IT!
the other five welr the world's people. I claim
that the ten mean the church, aud if this is the
case I say it is no wonder that we die those wllo
Tvere once true disciples of Christ languish
*=a ,@a ,wIIW,:
tcr be made, '6 Behold, the BriJegr*:,= I.:=5c::
.ei au;r!L m w h
yc out to meet him." Brethren, przy irr 2. z? -
.,. LT c r7 ,:&ti nut
From your brother in Christ.
- -
T n. . l rc.-, ~.. -2-
y ., r. . :
7 . .
,I .
, :Il: ni;,:b-;
,- 7
c. -3
-- .
dress very much, and shall always pr;ty that it 1 leaking for our Lord. The TIMES is a welcome
like hotilg ...; :ha I :!'a; ..,nd Ll:$:r..
i did not raise
been cares for Thz5 2
care for us UCS
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