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October 2011
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Chess Life
Editorial Staff
Chess Life Editor &
Director of Publications
Daniel Lucas
Chess Life Online Editor
Jennifer Shahade
Chess Life for Kids Editor
Glenn Petersen
Senior Art Director
Frankie Butler
Editorial Assistant/Copy Editor
Alan Kantor
Editorial Assistant
Jo Anne Fatherly
Editorial Assistant
Jennifer Pearson
Technical Editor
Ron Burnett
Joan DuBois
USCF Staff
Executive Director
Bill Hall
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Assistant Executive Director
& Director of National Events
Patricia Knight Smith 931-200-3411
National Events Assistant
Cody Stewart
Chief Accountant
Peggy Eberhart
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Chief Financial Officer
Joe Nanna
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Accounting Associate
Susan Houston
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Director of Business Operations
Judy Misner
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Tournament Director Certification
Judy Misner
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Membership Services Supervisor
Cheryle Bruce
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Mailing Lists/Membership Assoc.
Traci Lee
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Membership Associate
Joe Wright
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Membership Associate
Joshua Van Winkle
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Director of Communications
& Affiliate Relations
Joan DuBois
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Correspondence Chess
Alex Dunne
Joan DuBois
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National Education Consultant
Jerry Nash
FIDE & Scholastic Associate
Chuck Lovingood
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OTB Ratings/FIDE
Walter Brown
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Computer Consultant
Mike Nolan
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IT Director & Webmaster
Phillip R. Smith
USCF Executive Board
President,Ruth Haring
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Cleveland, OH 44114
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Chess Life — October 2011
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Hikaru in Bilbao
Hikaru Nakamura continues his tour of elite chess tournaments in the Chess
Grand Slam, a double round-robin split between two venues, Bilbao, Spain and
Sao Paulo, Brazil. Look for exclusive coverage on as the US #1 battles
against the top players in the world including
GM Magnus Carlsen and World Champion
GM Vishy Anand.
Grand Prix Points Falling?
Look for coverage on of numerous major Grand Prixs, which grace
autumn. Two of the biggest include the Continental Class to be held
from October 6-10 in Virginia (coinciding with National Chess Day!)
and the Western States Open in Reno, Nevada from October 21-23.
Connect with USChess
Continue the conversation on your favorite social media networks! Follow
USChess on Twitter at and “Like” USChess on Facebook
at or join the hess ife magazine Facebook group.
National Chess Day
Celebrate chess on October 8th, 2011! National Chess Day is about to get
even more official, pending Senate resolution for this year. Got a story,
game or photo to share from your National Chess Day experience Send it
over to for possible publication on hess ife nline .
Lisa Mogilanski
(“First Moves,” p. 8) is a recent graduate of Hunter
College High School who has matriculated at Harvard
University this fall.
GM obert Hess
(“2011 World Team,” p. 28) is, at age 19, one of our
youngest grandmasters. He wrote about the 2010
Olympiad for the January 2011 hess ife .
FM Alex Dunne
(“Prison Chess,” p. 40) is the correspondence chess
director for the USCF. His monthly column “The Check
is in the Mail” appears on .
FM odd Andrews
(“Looks at Books,” p. 12) is the director of operations
and scholastic chess at the Nashville Chess Center.
Jamaal Abdul-Alim
(“2011 World Open,” p. 18) is a journalist and chess
teacher in Washington, D.C.
FM Mike Klein
(“Cover Story,” p. 46) is, to his students, a chess teacher
to top professionals, he is a chess journalist and to old
friends, he is a semi-retired chess player. He likes the
international appeal of the game and appreciates all the
chess players that have shunned the money, fame and
free drinks of the poker table.
IM Beatri Marinello
(“Scholastics,” p. 24) is a former president of the
USCF and is currently a FIDE vice president.
Chess Life ctober 2011
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