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GM Ro bert Hess, named
the 20 10 Samfo rd Fellow,
h eads to Y ale this Fa ll
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111 th Annual United States Open
17900 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 92614 | 949-975-1234 | | HR: $99 Single/Quad
$50,000 in prizes based on 500 paid entries, else proportional, except $40,000 (80% of each prize)
minimum guarantee: A one section tournament with Class prizes.
In memory of Jerry Hanken, Dr. Neil Bershad is donating two prizes: $125 for largest rating gain
and $125 for most cumulative upset points. (Restricted to established players rated over 1000.)
Golf tournament morning of August 5. GM lectures and simuls.
U.S. Blitz Championship on August 7.
ENTER NOW! | Phone entry: 800-903-8723
Tournament website:
August 7-8
August 4-6
August 7 at noon.
S E E T O U R N A M E N T L I F E N A T I O N A L S O N P A G E 5 2 F O R C O M P L E T E I N F O R M A T I O N
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Chess Life — June 2010
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This Month’s
June on
Pete Tamburro
(“Looks at Books” p. 14) is a
former president of the Chess
Journalists of America and a
frequent contributor to Chess
Life and Chess Life for Kids .
Viva Las Vegas Chess
The National Open spans from
June 11-13 at the South Point
Hotel in Las Vegas, and features
an exciting lineup of side events
including the Game/10 Champi-
onship on June 10. CLO coverage
will include onsite dispatches from
Jennifer Shahade.
FM Alex Dunne
(“Correspondence Chess,”
p. 20) is a frequent contributor
to Chess Life and is the
correspondence chess director
for the USCF. His “Check is
in the Mail” monthly column
can be found on
J.C. Hallman
(“Literature,” p. 28) is the
author of The Chess Artist:
Genius, Obsession, and the
World's Oldest Game. His new
book, In Utopia: Six Kinds of
Eden and the Search for a Bet-
ter Paradise will appear from St.
Martin’s Press in August 2010.
Junior Grand Prix Odyssey
One player, twelve states, 35 rated tournaments, 258 rating points, and one
tough goal: to win the 2009 U.S. Junior Grand Prix (JGP). Read Andrea Rosen’s
story on Maryland sophomore Curtis Winter’s year-long odyssey to win the JGP
crown. In 2009, World Chess Live sponsored the JGP while the 2010 edition
has a new sponsor: . Who will take top honors in 2010?
Jon Edwards
(“History,” p. 30) coordinates
outreach and institutional
communication for information
technology at Princeton Uni-
versity. He won the 10th U.S.
Correspondence title in 1997
and is author of a dozen chess
books. He is webmaster of and teaches
chess in central New Jersey.
The season of hunting & fishing
June features two norm-hunting
specials, the New York International
(June 18-22) at the Marshall Chess
Club and the Philadelphia International
(June 25-29) in conjunction with the
World Open. Check CLO to play through
exciting battles and to follow the drama
of norm hopefuls.
Dr. Joel Sneed
(“Instruction,” p. 34) is an
assistant professor of psychol-
ogy at Queens College of the
City University of New York, an
adjunct assistant professor of
medical psychology at Colum-
bia University and the New
York State Psychiatric Institute
in the departments of geriatric
psychiatry and psychiatric epi-
demiology. Dr. Sneed is the
director of the Lifespan Lab.
Searching for Diane Savereide
WIM Alexey Root writes about why
she dedicated her new book to five-
time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion
Diane Savereide, and her attempts
to get in touch with Diane. A fitting
historical reminder as we approach
the 2010 U.S. Women’s Chess
Championship, set for St. Louis
from July 9-19.
GM Boris Gulko
(“Instruction,” p. 34) is the
only player to ever win both
the U.S. and U.S.S.R. champi-
onships. He currently lives in
New Jersey.
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Chess Life — June 2010
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