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Gran Coupé
Driving Pleasure
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EVERYTHING. Spellbinding power: a chance encounter with the new BMW M Gran Coupé.
Its presence is signalled by a rich, sonorous sound. And then, suddenly, it
appears – a monument to motor sport genes and timeless elegance – before
disappearing around the next corner. It’s a powerful moment that leaves a
lasting impression. At full forward thrust, the powerful silhouette hugs the
road. With its long wheelbase and stretched bonnet, this is the top athlete from
BMW M, uniting dynamic design and technological highlights such as a roof
made entirely of carbon bre. No other vehicle quite combines luxurious comfort,
exceptional sportiness and leading-edge technology quite like the phenomenal
BMW M Gran Coupé. The result is a driving experience that words alone cannot
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An interior that exceeds all expectations. Beneath its two-colour
BMW Individual roo iner in leather and Alcantara, the new BMW M
Gran Coupé sets the standard when it comes to exceptional equipment
levels. Accents in black chrome catch the eye. The M leather steering
wheel combines exclusive feel with perfect handling in any situation. In
the optional multifunction seats, featuring BMW Individual Merino leather,
the driver always stays cool even when the pulse is soaring. And the
optional high-end Surround Sound system from Bang & Olufsen oods
the interior with crystal clear sound. As for the rear of the new BMW M
Gran Coupé, this offers two people a uniquely comfortable experience.
Unusually for a high performance coupé, a third rear passenger can also
delight in the impressive ride.
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Accelerate the pulse. Just one encounter with the extraordinarily potent
BMW M agship is enough to capture the imagination. The M TwinPower
eight-cylinder petrol engine with kW (hp) and seven-speed M Double
Clutch Drivelogic transmission accelerates the vehicle from  to km/h in
just . seconds. In doing so, it establishes without question the peak power
status of the BMW M Gran Coupé in the BMW M eet. Technical innovations
such as a new carbon diffusor, the Active M Differential for greater dynamics
and ef ciency and the optional M Carbon Ceramic Brake System further
underscore its superiority. The new BMW M Gran Coupé surges ahead
and the distinctive rear pro le, with its striking third brake light spanning the
width of the roof, disappears into the distance. What remains? The feeling
that a remarkable encounter has just taken place.
See back page for further information on fuel consumption and CO emissions.
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Gran Coupé
Driving Pleasure
Fuel consumption
l/ km
Fuel consumption
extra urban
l/ km
Fuel consumption
l/ km
CO emissions
BMW M Gran Coupé
Fuel consumption is determined according to the ECE driving cycle. This is made up of approximately one third urban and two thirds extra-urban driving
(based on distance covered). CO emissions are measured in addition to fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is determined with standard equipment
tted. Optional equipment may increase these values.
The models illustrated in this yer show the speci cations of vehicles produced by
BMW AG for the German market. In part, they include optional equipment and
accessories not tted as standard. According to the speci c requirements of other
markets, alterations in models, standard and optional equipment, as described in this
brochure, may occur. For more precise information about country-speci c vehicle
versions, please contact your local BMW partner. Subject to change in design and
© BMW AG, Munich/Germany. Not to be reproduced wholly or in part without written
permission of BMW AG, Munich.
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