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LYME DISEASE Considerations in Diagnosis and Management
Considerations in Diagnosis
and Management
JUNE 26, 2008 Lyme-Autism Connection Conference, Indian Wells
Steven Harris, MD
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IGeneX, Inc. - clinical consultant
QMedRx - medical advisory board
Pacific Frontier Medical, Inc - CEO
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1. Lyme Disease. Who gets it?
Tick-borne infection
Corollary diseases, interactions and multi-
systemic syndromes
2. Diagnosis of Lyme disease and Co-infections
Clinical features
Laboratory support and diagnostic directions
When diagnosis is unclear
3. Treatment of Lyme Disease and co-infections:
Accepted theories of disease guides treatment
Alternative therapies
Adjunctive therapies
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Lyme Disease
HHV-6, West Nile, HIV, Chlamydia pneumonia, Klebsiella, Mycoplasmas, yeast, flu,
parasites, Morgellons…
What about Lyme disease? a spirochetosis that trumps most infections in aggression
against the body and mind.
Maybe it‟s protective for Ebola or something yet to come?
Elderly typically do better. Kids can be cured. Adults get everything in between if
they work hard enough to get well.
Some people kill themselves.
Some people want to but are too tired to find their sticky notes written
how they were going to pull it off.
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Lyme Disease
The discipline of Lyme disease including investigations into the
extent of this disease and its optimal treatment is still in its infancy.
There have been scarcely two fractional generations of clinicians
who are confronting the full nature of this affliction.
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