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Wounds, Bruises, and Blood
A Rules Option
According to the SRD:
Tracking Individual
Whenever you sufer damage from an attack
do not simply subtract the amount of damage from
your current hit point total. Instead, write down the
amount of damage that you sufered as well as a “B”
(bludgeoning ), “S” (Slashing ), “P” (Piercing ), or “M”
(Magic), depending on the type of attack. Do this for
every single damaging attack that you sufer, keeping
track of each wound separately. As long as the total
value of your wounds does not reduce your hit points
to 0 or less you continue pretty much as normal. Once
the total of your wounds reduces your hit point total
to 0 or less you continue on with the injury rules as
written in the SRD.
“Your hit points measure how hard you are to kill.
No matter how many hit points you lose, your character
isn’t hindered in any way until your hit points drop to 0
or lower.”
So basically, any damage you sufer is subtracted
directly from your total number of current hit points
and as long the result is 1 or greater you continue on
with your adventure as if nothing had happened. his,
as we all know, works perfectly well and is a fast and
simple way of handling character damage. For some,
though, the system that follows will prove more
satisfactory, in that the end result remains the same –
as long as your current hit point total equals 1 or more
you continue on relatively unharmed –but the details
are better suited to a “low fantasy” campaign.
As with all new rules, especially those that I tend
to write, everything in this PDF is completely optional
and must be approved by your DM. I wouldn’t be at
all surprised that it is the DMs, rather than the players,
that advocate this particular optional rule.
Special thanks to Mark Gedak for product review
and pointing out a serious error in the section on healing
(wow, was I stupid!) and suggesting the rule on [Force]
Example: A 3rd-level cleric with a total of 21 hit
points is attacked by a goblin wielding a short sword and
sufers 3 points of damage. he cleric’s player writes down
“3P” on his character sheet. he cleric still has 18 hit
points remaining so he continues on, unafected.
he goblin attacks a second time and scores a hit, this
time inlicting 2 points of damage. he cleric’s character
sheet now reads “3P, 2P.” he cleric still has 16 hit points
remaining so he continues on, unafected.
Open Game Content
All of the text of this PDF is presented as open game content. While this means absolutely nothing to your
campaign it does give other publishers permission to use this material as long as they follow the open game license
(see the end of this PDF).
About the Author
Philip Reed has been working professionally in the roleplaying game industry since 1995. In that time he has
worked for such companies as Steve Jackson Games, Green Ronin Publishing, and Atlas Games. Today Philip
spends his days at home running Ronin Arts, writing and designing new games, and playing whatever his favorite
game is at this exact moment in time. To learn more about Philip Reed – and Ronin Arts – please visit www.
roninarts.com and www.philipjreed.com.
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A short time passes and the cleric inds himself again
assaulted, this time by a rogue armed with a club. he
hit is brutal – 6 points – so the cleric’s character sheet
now reads “3P, 2P, 6B.” he cleric still has 10 hit points
remaining so he continues on, unafected.
If at any time the cleric’s total wound value reduces
his hit points to 0 or less he’s in trouble. Fortunately, so
far he is safe.
Optional Option: Wounds
Exceed Constitution
If at any time the total value of your wounds exceeds
your Constitution score, but they do not reduce your
hit point total to 0 or less, you must make a successful
Fortitude save – DC equal to your current total wounds
– or drop unconscious. If you are rendered unconscious
in this manner you awaken within 1d4+1 rounds ater
which point you are staggered until your wound total
drops to equal or less than your Constitution score.
Example: Our cleric rom the previous example,
currently burdened with “3P, 2P, 6B,” will ind himself
at “5P, 4P, 6B” in thirty minutes if he doesn’t get those
“P” wounds bandaged.
A successful Heal check – DC 10 + the wound’s
value – requiring one minute of time bandages a
particular wound and stops it from bleeding further.
Each wound must be bandaged separately.
Example: he cleric’s “3P” wound requires a DC 13
Heal check to bandage while the “2P” wound requires a
DC 12 Heal check to bandage.
Optional Option: A bandaged wound can be
aggravated and open up, causing more bleeding.
Whenever you have bandaged wounds and attempt
more than a single move action in a round you must
make a successful Fortitude save – DC 10 + the
wound’s value – or automatically increase the wound
by 1 point and render the bandages useless (the wound
must be re-bandaged). If you have more than one
bandaged wound you must make a Fortitude save for
each individual wound.
Bleeding and Magical Healing
Wounds that have been magically healed, even if
they have not been completely healed, do not bleed.
It’s magic.
For every day of game time that a “B” wound
goes untreated – either through magical healing or a
successful Heal check (DC 10 + the wound’s value) –
there is a chance that the wound will leave a permanent
bruise, disiguring your appearance and harming your
Charisma score. You must make a successful Fortitude
save (DC 15 + the wound’s level) or sufer a permanent
loss of 1 point of Charisma.
Arcane Wounds
For every thirty minutes of game time that an
“M” wound goes untreated – either through magical
healing or a successful Heal check (DC 10 + the
wound’s value) – the wound’s value increases by 1
point as the lingering magical energies continue eating
away at your body.
Example: Our cleric riend with the “6B” wound
should really have that looked at. Otherwise, he will
have to make a DC 21 Fortitude save or lose 1 point of
Optional Option: his can be pretty devastating.
To make it even more devastating “B” wounds that go
untreated also inlict a permanent loss of 1 point of
Strength and Dexterity – through battered bones – on
a failed Fortitude save.
Optional Option’s Option: Instead of permanent
loss, make any attribute efects damage (so that lost
points can be recovered normally).
Example: Our already abused cleric is hit by a 3rd-
level wizard’s burning hands spell and sufers 8 points of
damage. hat “8M” wound should be healed soon or else
it’s going to turn into a “9M” wound.
Optional Option: A spellcaster may, when casting
a [Force] spell, elect to cause a “B” (Bludgeoning )
wound rather than an “M” (Magic) wound.
For every thirty minutes of game time, every
wound you currently sufer from that is marked with
an “S” increases by 1 point while all wounds marked
with a “P” are increased by 2 points. Wounds marked
with a “B” or an “M” do not bleed.
If you undergo complete bed rest for an entire day
and night, you recover twice your character level in hit
Optional Option: For a more dangerous game,
replace “night” with “week;” a full week of rest is
required to recover a total of 1 hit point per character
level. Any activity during that week, other than eating,
resting, and brief chats with friends, prevents you from
healing and instead aggravates the wounds, increasing
each wound by 1 point.
Magical Healing
Various abilities and spells can restore hit points.
Magical healing is applied to all wounds equally;
determine the amount of hit points regained through
magic, divide the number by the total number of
wounds (round up), and apply that result equally to
every wound.
Healing Wounds
Just as with the basic rules in the SRD, ater taking
damage you can recover hit points through natural
healing or through magical healing. In any case, you
cannot regain hit points past your full normal hit
point total.
Natural Healing
With a full night’s rest (8 hours of sleep or more),
you recover a total of 1 hit point per character level and
the total is then distributed evenly across all wounds;
determine the number of hit points regained, divide
the number by the total number of wounds (round
up), and apply that result equally to every wound. Any
signiicant interruption during your rest prevents you
from healing that night.
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