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Deep friction massage:
M.Supraspinatus M.Infraspinatus M.Subscapularis
Biceps tendon AC Joint SC Joint
Mobilization Glenohumeral joint:
Ant/posterior Post/anterior Caudal glide
Ant/posterior Mobilization Ant/posterior
in max flexion with traction with traction
217357123.051.png 217357123.061.png 217357123.062.png 217357123.063.png 217357123.001.png 217357123.002.png 217357123.003.png 217357123.004.png 217357123.005.png 217357123.006.png 217357123.007.png 217357123.008.png
Quadrant grade I Quadrant grade II Quadrant grade III
Hand behind back Roll glide in abd. Mulligan in abd.
Ac joint:
Ant/posterior Post/anterior Roll glide abd.
Roll glide retract. Roll glide hor. add
Sc joint: Scapulo- thoracic
Caudal/cranial Post/anterior
217357123.009.png 217357123.010.png 217357123.011.png 217357123.012.png 217357123.013.png 217357123.014.png 217357123.015.png 217357123.016.png 217357123.017.png 217357123.018.png 217357123.019.png 217357123.020.png 217357123.021.png 217357123.022.png
Deep friction massage:
Tennis Arm type I Tennis Arm type II Tennis Arm type III
Tennis Arm type IV Golf Arm Biceps tendon
Mobilization techniques:
Ant/posterior rad/hum Post/anterior rad/hum Combined rad/hum
Roll glide Humero- Rollglide Humero- Roll glide Humero-
radial in flexion radial in extension ulnar in flexion
Roll glide Humero- Mulligan with belt
217357123.023.png 217357123.024.png 217357123.025.png 217357123.026.png 217357123.027.png 217357123.028.png 217357123.029.png 217357123.030.png 217357123.031.png 217357123.032.png 217357123.033.png 217357123.034.png 217357123.035.png 217357123.036.png
ulnar in extension
Traction techniques:
Radius Ulna
Wrist and Hand:
Deep friction massage:
Tendon M. pollicis- Morbus de Quervain Ganglion squeese
Mobilization techniques:
Carpal bones Distal radio-ulnar Lateral shift Carpalia
Scaphoidkippung ext Scaphoidkippung flex Mulligan carpal bones
217357123.037.png 217357123.038.png 217357123.039.png 217357123.040.png 217357123.041.png 217357123.042.png 217357123.043.png 217357123.044.png 217357123.045.png 217357123.046.png 217357123.047.png
Roll glide saddlejoint Roll glide saddlejoint Roll glide fingers
in abd- adduction in flex- extension
Traction and compression techniques:
Compression Carpalia Traction Carpalia Traction finger joints
Hip joint:
Deep friction massage:
Origo adductors Origo
Hamstrings Fascia latae
Mobilization techniques:
Quadrant technique Anterior/posterior Posterior/anterior
217357123.048.png 217357123.049.png 217357123.050.png 217357123.052.png 217357123.053.png 217357123.054.png 217357123.055.png 217357123.056.png 217357123.057.png 217357123.058.png 217357123.059.png 217357123.060.png
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