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Approaches to Meaning in Music
Edited by
Byron Almén and Edward Pearsall
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Approaches to Meaning in Music
Musical Meaning and Interpretation
Robert S. Hatten, editor
Voicing Gender: Castrati, Travesti, and the Second Woman in
Early Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera
Naomi André
Neil Young and the Poetics of Energy
William Echard
Interpreting Musical Gestures, Topics, and Tropes: Mozart,
Beethoven, Schubert
Robert S. Hatten
Musical Meaning in Beethoven: Markedness, Correlation,
and Interpretation
Robert S. Hatten
Intertextuality in Western Art Music
Michael L. Klein
Is Language a Music? Writings on Musical Form and Signi¤cation
David Lidov
Musical Representations, Subjects, and Objects: The Construction of
Musical Thought in Zarlino, Descartes, Rameau, and Weber
Jairo Moreno
Expressive Forms in Brahms’s Instrumental Music: Structure and
Meaning in His Werther Quartet
Peter H. Smith
Music as Philosophy: Adorno and Beethoven’s Late Style
Michael Spitzer
edited by
Approaches to
in Music
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Approaches to meaning in music / edited by Byron Almén and
Edward Pearsall.
p. cm. — (Musical meaning and interpretation)
Includes bibliographical references (p. ) and index.
ISBN 0-253-34792-0 (cloth : alk. paper)
1. Music—Philosophy and aesthetics. 2. Music—Semiotics. 3. Music
theory—Criticism and interpretation. I. Almén, Byron, date II. Pear-
sall, Edward, date III. Series.
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