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This book is not copyrighted.
It is the desire of both the author and the original publisher
that this book be widely copied and reproduced.
Copyright notice for quoted materials. Material that is quoted from other
sources belongs solely to the copyright owner of that work.
First printing, 2001 — 20,000 copies
Release for worldwide internet distribution, 2001
All general Scripture quotations in this book are from either the
New World Translation or the
Kingdom Interlinear Translation.
Both are published by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
of New York.
Chapter 1: The New World Translation is Unique
Chapter 2: The Septuagint Version
Chapter 3: A Trustworthy Bible Text
Chapter 4: The Kingdom Interlinear Translation
Chapter 5: An Emphasis on the Tetragrammaton
Chapter 6: J 20 hwhy in the Greek Concordance
Chapter 7: Hebrew Versions
Chapter 8: Searching for the Tetragrammaton—Part 1
Chapter 9: Searching for the Tetragrammaton—Part 2
Chapter 10: Searching for the Tetragrammaton—Part 3
Chapter 11: “Hallelujah” in the Christian Scriptures
Chapter 12: A Conclusion
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Chapter 1: The New World Translation is Unique
nless you are able to read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek, you
must rely upon the accuracy of the Bible translation you a r e
using for reading and study. This is true irrespective of which
of the many Bible translations you choose.
In 1950, the Watch Tower Society released a new translation of
the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) in English that they
called the New World Translation of the Greek Scriptures. By 2001
they had published the entire New World Translation Bible in 21
languages, and the Greek Scriptures in 16 additional languages. B y
1998, over 100 million copies had been printed.
A first look at the New World Translation
The New World Translation is unique in restoring the divine
name. In the Introduction to the 1984 Reference Edition, the editors
state the purpose for their Bible translation:
Since the Bible sets forth the sacred will of the Sovereign
Lord of the universe, it would be a great indignity, indeed an
affront to his majesty and authority, to omit or hide his unique
divine name, which plainly occurs in the Hebrew text nearly
7,000 times as hwhy (YHWH). Therefore, the foremost feature o f
this translation is the restoration of the divine name to its rightful
place in the English text. It has been done, using the commonly
accepted English form Jehovah 6,973 times in the Hebrew
Scriptures and 237 times in the Christian Greek Scriptures.
From this statement of purpose we understand that the publishers
identify the restoration of God’s name as the foremost feature of t h e
New World Translation .
The New World Translation ’s contribution in the Hebrew Scriptures
If you are not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it may seem strange for
you to think that their “Old Testament” (Hebrew Scriptures)
translates the name of God more accurately than does the Bible you
most likely use. Yet, that is true if your translation uses LORD 1
1 In most English “Old Testament” versions LORD in capital letters
indicates an occurrence of God’s name. At these same references,
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