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Portuguese: A Linguistic Introduction
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Portuguese: A Linguistic Introduction
This accessible new book provides a comprehensive introduction to the lin-
guistic structure of Portuguese. Clearly organized, it covers the central topics
of syntax, phonology, morphology, semantics, and pragmatics, and explores
the social and historical background of Portuguese, its development and spread
in the world, and related sociolinguistic issues such as dialect variation and
language planning. It also includes a chapter on Portuguese in Brazil, where
approximately 80% of Portuguese speakers live. Assuming very little prior
knowledge of linguistic terminology, Portuguese: A Linguistic Introduction is
designed to help intermediate and advanced students of Portuguese understand
how the language functions at all levels, and to give students of linguistics a
useful starting point for work on the structure of Portuguese. Keeping formal-
ism to a minimum, it focuses on presenting the linguistic facts in a systematic
way, providing a useful global overview of the Portuguese language and its
surrounding issues.
MILTON M. AZEVEDO is Professor of Hispanic Linguistics in the Depart-
ment of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Berkeley. His pre-
vious books include Passive Sentences in English and Portuguese (1980), A
Contrastive Phonology of Portuguese and English (1981), Teaching Spanish:
APractical Guide (second edition), coauthored with Wilga M. Rivers (main
author) and William H. Heflin, Jr. (1988), La parla i el text (1996), Intro-
ducci on a la ling uıstica espa nola (1992), and Vozes em Branco e Preto. A
Representa¸ ao Liter aria da Fala N ao-Padr ao (2003). He has also written
widely on the Spanish and Portuguese languages for a number of journals.
Portuguese: A Linguistic
Milton M. Azevedo
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