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If you wer e with anyone else that you wer en't attr acted to,
would you still have this p r ob lem?
NO: It's an inner game thing. You're p syching yourself out.
YES: It' s an inner gam e thing. You' r e p s yc hing your s elf out.
It flows... Why?
Think of the one person you have no problem talking to...
It stop s... Why?
Safety LOST
Exp osed - R ISK !
Wom en
Exp osur e (Im p oster Synd r om e)
Being "R eal"
Social r ejection
Masculinity: A ccep tance and valid ation as a m an
If you'r e mor e focused on p r otecting or p r oving your self,
the les s s m oothly your c onv er s ation will flow
Unless you're failing at better than 75% of your
ap p r oaches with wom en, d on't change anything
If you'r e thinking ab out what you'r e going to say next while she's
talking, you' r e killing the p otential for attr ac tion
She wants to feel it as "d estiny" and "it just hap p ened " fr om insid e her , not fr om you
In the moment
Stay calm and r elaxed (R EAL)
Allow it to happen, not push it to happen
Think about winning over a cat
Arsenal of Techniques to fall back on
Ir onically, these fail...
Too much info, keeps you up in your head
You s top b eing p r es ent, and your anxiety inc r eas es
You for get the tec hniq ues , and b ec om e m or e anxious
Hyp nosis
Control over your "state"
Have a way to feel safe in any conversation
Anthems (Emotionally driven affirmations)
When they wor k, they give you a b oost of confid ence
The more confidence you have, the more you use it
The better you get
The more positive results you get
Remove her ability to lower your value or masculinity
False time constr aint: "I've got a few minutes b efor e I have to leave..."
Simp lified tools
Awkward silences - NECESSARY!
Focus on fast exchanges
No more than 2 0 second s at a time (1 5 b etter)
Try timing yourself
Focus on Emotional content
Facts get you talking, b ut emotions ar e the goal
When she m entions an em otion, that' s your clue to d ig d eep er
Keyword tennis
If ther e's a p ause, p oint it out...
Laugh together
Put the b ur d en on her should er s
Laugh at the Elep hant
Take a bathroom break
List on your p hone
Sticky in your wallet
Have a fallb ack
Her hob b ies
Pop cultur e
A few power questions
What d id I have on it?
Have a story or two to throw in
Latch onto things she says that ar e vague
"So I' m out with m y fr iend at this p lac e..."
Which fr iend ?
What p lace?
During the week, or weekend ?
Active questioning keeps you there...
Pr ob e...
"I like that m ov ie..."
What was your favor ite p ar t?
Who was your favor ite actor /actr ess?
End the Inter action (Bookend s!)
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