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The Photographer's Guide to Making Money: 150 Ideas for Cutting Costs and Boosting Profits
150 Ideas for Cutting Costs
and Boosting Profits
Karen Dórame
AmherstMedia ®
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About the Author
As a trainer for Special Kids Photography of America, Karen Dórame teaches workshops to attendees whose pro-
ficiency levels range from just entering the professional scene, all the way up to Master Photographer and Crafts-
man level. Questions asked by those new to the business led Karen to explore the challenge of collecting helpful
money-saving (resulting in money-making) advice from skilled professionals who have learned the business
through years of schooling and experience.
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Photographs on front and back cover by Karen Dórame.
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Front cover— Teen model Kailee Gow
was photographed as part of a lighting
class led by Carl Caylorat Image Explo-
rations, a PPA Affiliate School in Victo-
ria, BC. Photo by the author. Above— A
great hat collection can decrease your
costume or wardrobe costs. See tip #137
for more money-saving, wardrobe build-
ing strategies. Photo by Stacy Bratton.
27. Photography safaris and short-term photo schools
Clever birth announcements make great
add-on portrait products that will in-
crease your profits. Photo by the author.
Use simple artistic enhancements to
take your portraits from ordinary to
extraordinary and watch your profits
grow. Photo by the author.
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You can create this light modifier for
less than a dollar. See tip #64 for de-
tails. Photo by the author.
83. Business cards are a waste of money if the type and pictures
are too small . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62
99. Create public service/community awareness displays and
Shop lights can serve as studio lighting
units when coupled with light modifiers.
Photo by the author.
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