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Grand Rounds
December 13, 2006
Manifestations of Tick
Borne Disease
Ann F Corson MD
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Infection and psychiatric illness
“Recent immunologic, epidemiologic, microbiologic and
neuropsychiatric studies point to infectious etiologies of
several important neuropsychiatric disorders…several
infectious diseases including human influenza virus, HIV,
syphilis and Lyme disease are associated with
neuropsychiatric symptoms following transmission of
infectious agents to the central nervous system.
…evidence also points to potential for peri-, pre-, and
postnatal infections as causes for several
neurodevelopmental disorders.”
S. Hossein Fatemi, Ed., Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Infection
Taylor and Francis, 2005. ISBN 1 84184 520 5
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Infection and chronic illness
“…infection may simply represent the first misstep along a
continuum from health to long-term illness and disability.”
“…infectious agents likely determine more cancers,
immune-mediated syndromes, neurodevelopmental
disorders, and other chronic conditions than currently
“If a mere 5% of chronic disease is attributable to infectious
agents, in the US alone 4.5 million of the 90 million people
living with chronic disease might benefit from strategies
designed to prevent or appropriately treat selected
O’Conner e al., Emerging Infectious Determinants of Chronic Diseases Emerg
Infect Dis 2006; 12(7): 1051-1057
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Tick bites
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Our three local ticks
Dog tick Dermacentor variabilis
Lone star tick
Amblyomma americanum
Deer tick Ixodes scapularis
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