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Tandem Unit
Evangeline Anderson
(c) 2004
ISBN 1-59578-037-8
Tandem Unit
Evangeline Anderson
Published 2004
ISBN 1-59578-037-8
Published by Liquid Silver Books, imprint of Atlantic Bridge Publishing, 10509
Sedgegrass Dr, Indianapolis, Indiana 46235. Copyright © 2004, Evangeline Anderson.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval
system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or
otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.
Manufactured in the United States of America
Liquid Silver Books
Cover Art
by Laura Givens
This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of
the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual
events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.
Dedicated to my husband for understanding why I needed the time to write it and to
my Writing Group for their unflagging support and invaluable constructive criticism.
Chapter 1
“We'll take that one.”
Sadie knew she was in trouble when the dark, curly-haired man pointed straight at
her, despite her attempt to hide behind the cybernetic prostie-borg in front of her. Pasting
a blank look on her face, she tried to remain calm and look like all the other girls in the
There were prosties with small breasts, some with large and some sported racks any
porn-vid queen would be proud of. Some were so short they were practically dwarf size
and some so tall they could have played for any Zero-G team in the league. Their
measurements ranged from anorexically slender to downright Junoesque. They sported
skin tones from ebony to golden tan to peaches and cream pale and hair ran the gamut
from blond to red-headed to brunette and every shade in between. Every face was
plastically perfect and completely blank. 'A Girl For Every Taste—Cybernetic Sex Made
Delightfully Easy' was the motto of the Prostie Palace. Every possible combination of
attractive female features and attributes was represented in the silent ranks of the
assembled prosties and this joker had to pick her , Sadie thought balefully.
Hidden inside her outrageous scarlet wig she could feel the bargain Overlook-Me
chip flicker for the last time, fizzle and die. The non-interference field she'd been wearing
like a protective halo for the past two weeks faded into nonexistence. Damn it, she'd
known it was a bad idea to buy her main protection from Big Bob's Bargain Basement
Chips but what was a girl on a budget supposed to do? It was hard enough financing the
ticket from Io to Titan in the first place and in the end she'd had to ride on an ore
transport which was far from luxurious. Insinuating herself into the Pleasure Dome
Prostie Palace had required several bribes to the right people both to get inside in the first
place and to add herself to the database of resident prostie-borgs. Add that to the cost of
her outfit, make-up and wig and she barely had any credit left at all.
My whole life savings spent paying for this trip and now I'm screwed. Literally and
figuratively, she thought blankly, as the man pointed her out to the mechanical madam
who was nodding in her direction. It was the same panicky feeling she had experienced
when she first walked into the Prostie Palace and saw the kind of outrageous sexual
practices that went on here. Having been raised on the morally uptight colony of Goshen
on Io, the scene at the prostie brothel was an education to Sadie in more than one way.
She had financed the trip on her own for the ultimate pay-off, a juicy scoop on the
nitty-gritty, hard-boiled life of a prostie-borg in the Outer Rings. Prostie-borgs were
cybernetic organisms grown in flesh tanks on Mars. They were a variation on the more
common flesh-bots that were used for manual labor all over the solar system but instead
of being fitted for heavy lifting and tasks no human laborer could do, prostie-borgs were
crafted specifically for sex. Despite a simple synthetic brain that put them on the mental
level of a ten year old child, they were very popular, especially with the sex-starved men
that mined the outer rings of Saturn. Intellectual stimulation wasn't high on the must-have
list of female attributes for most Ring miners and real women were few and far between
at this cold, dark end of the solar system.
Sadie was tired of covering joining ceremonies, baby showers, golden anniversaries
and all the other human interest crap that a junior reporter got saddled with at the Io
Moon Times . Problem was her senior editor, a grouchy, chauvinistic man by the name of
B. F. Fields, thought that was all she was good for. Sadie had set out to prove him wrong.
Taking all of her yearly vacation in one big lump, she had hopped an ore transport to
the most notorious prostie-brothel in the System, located on Titan, Saturn's largest moon,
to spend her free time gathering facts for a blistering tell-all exposé that would blow the
top off the barely legal prostie-borg industry. She even had a title for her article all picked
out: “Pain and Suffering in the Pleasure Dome: A Prostie-borg's Daily Life in the Outer
Rings.” When she got back to Io, Fields would have to recognize her reporting prowess
and promote her out of the human interest section once and for all. Hell, she might even
go freelance and sell her story to one of the intergalactic news vids.
Her plan had been working like a charm too, until the bargain Overlook-Me chip
began to die. When the other prosties began noticing her, Sadie knew she was in trouble
but she kept hoping the chip would last just one more week until her transport for Io left.
But the chip was good and dead and she didn't even have a repair kit to try and get it
working again. Now she was going to find out first hand exactly what the prosties went
through and was afraid it wasn't going to be a pleasant experience.
At least he looks cleaner than most of the clientele you see around here. Sadie eyed
the dark man carefully. He had very tan skin and his hair was the color of bitter
chocolate, curly and thick, cut short but not too close to his scalp. Any woman she knew
would kill for that kind of natural curl, she thought absently, taking in the indigo eyes
fringed thickly with black lashes and the narrow but sensual mouth of the man pointing
her out. Broad shoulders covered in a black leather jacket tapered to a narrow waist and
powerful legs. There was a heavy bulge outlined by his tight black pants that made Sadie
bite her bottom lip nervously as she felt those deep blue eyes sweep over her body.
“That one,” he said again and Sadie had no choice but to step forward and face the
music. Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe it'll add realism to the story, she thought
desperately, trying to nerve herself up for the act. She felt horribly exposed in the tiny
gold mesh dress that showed her breasts and sex plainly but after all, she'd been wearing
it and outfits like it for two weeks. While the Overlook-Me chip had remained functional,
no one had really seen her in them. And from the look in the dark man's eyes, he liked
what he saw. Sadie was suddenly aware that her nipples were erect with fright against the
scratchy gold mesh fabric. She squeezed her thighs tightly together, trying to keep her
knees from shaking.
“Which one for the other gentleman?” The silver-skinned, mechanical madam asked,
giving a jerky nod to the man's right. Standing beside him, hidden partially by the dark
man's broad shoulders was another client. He stepped out from behind his friend with a
nod to the madam and Sadie could see he was almost the exact opposite of the other man.
Tall and muscular with a runner's build, he had hair the color of beaten metal and the
clearest sapphire eyes she had ever seen. The dark man wasn't short but the blond was at
least two inches taller with a full mouth that seemed naturally red against his pale golden
skin. He was dressed in the same style as his colleague in tight black pants and a white
shirt with the ubiquitous mining company symbol stitched in red on the collar and he was
wearing an identical black leather jacket. Sadie couldn't help noticing that the bulge
outlined by his pants was no less impressive than the dark-haired man's. Did they work
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