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Till Kingdom Come
Till Kingdom Come
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This e-book is a work of fiction. While reference might be made to actual historical
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the product of the author‟s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any
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This book contains nonconsensual sex and allusions to incest. While I have
tried to handle these elementswhich are essential to the plotsensitively, some
readers, particularly those with a history of sexual abuse or incest, may find this
story disturbing.EA
Chapter One
The night was fine and dry, with just enough of a chill in the air to keep a man
on his toes. Overhead, a gibbous moon rode high in the sky, casting a ghostly light
upon the gathered knights. Their armor didn‟t gleam in the moonlight, however. It
was scuffed and dented, with nary a crest or coat of arms to be seen. They were
sellswords from the Febrile Marshes and clansmen from the White Mountains
none of them true knights, and none of them cared for finery, honor, or glory. They
cared plenty for gold, however, and King Ungor Blackwater of Castle Black was
known to pay generously when he was pleased.
Fine weather for a raid, Thrain Blackwater thought sourly, as his horse
snorted softly and shifted beneath him. Though not so fine for the unsuspecting
sheep asleep in the castle before them. He had known this night would comethe
dragon had foretold it. But that didn‟t mean he had to like it.
Castle Rowan lay silent beneath them, its drawbridge down and the portcullis
raised invitingly. Thrain frowned. Like an eager wench with her legs spread . The
guards at the gate had been bought and paid for during the peace talks King Ungor
had initiated with good Queen Alaina Trueheart. Peace talks indeedthey were
nothing more than a scouting party for the hungry king. The Truehearts had been
fools to let them inthe chickens inviting the fox into their coop. But as their name
bespoke, they were trusting and eager to hear talk of peace from the larger, more
imposing kingdom that crowded their northern border. It was too bad their show of
openness and good faith should result in their deaths, but so it would.
Thrain had his orders from his father, the kingtake no prisoners. The nobles
of Castle Rowan were known sorcerers and witches, and King Ungor would not
suffer a witch to live. Not that he was a pious manhe wasn‟t. Wenching, drinking,
and gambling were more to his liking than studying the holy word. But at the start
of his reign, a wisewoman had come to Castle Black and foretold his doom at the
hands of those who wielded magic. Ungor had declared war upon any unnatural
thing forthwith, and so began a purge of his kingdom that had lasted until this very
day. Just to be on the safe side, the wise woman had been the first to the fire. Take
no prisoners indeed.
Though he was reluctant to slaughter innocents, Thrain knew this would be a
bloody night. His older brother, Baynor, was leading the charge, and unlike their
father, who was merely cold and calculating, the crown prince had a genuine lust
for blood. Men did not call him Baynor the Beast for nothinghis favorite sport was
to cut an enemy‟s throat while he fucked the man into submission. Thrain had seen
2 Evangeline Anderson
him do it on numerous occasions, to his mingled revulsion and disgust. Baynor
claimed that the death throes of a fallen foe were more erotic than the tightest cunt
wrapped round his shaft, and the gurglings of a dying man more delightful than the
sweetest murmurs from a woman‟s lips.
Thrain did not share his brother‟s lust for death. He only hoped he could save
the one he needed from Baynor‟s ravages this night. He stiffened his resolve at the
thought. I must save him. He must live, no matter what the cost, no matter what I
have to do to keep him safe.
He frowned again as he adjusted his gorget, which tended to squeak if not
oiled properly. Along with the chain-mail shirt he wore, the metal plate that
encircled his neck was all the protection he neededaside from the black iron
circlet of magic null that sat firmly on his brow. Let other knights cling to their
helmetsgreat bulky things that were impossible to see out of, let alone fight in.
Thrain had never met a man faster than he with a sword, so he felt no need for such
His speed with a sword was not his only gift. He was well built and muscular,
but not in the bulky way of Baynor and their father. It was said that with his blond
good looks and dark blue eyes, Thrain more resembled his mother‟s family than the
hulking Blackwaters. As to any resemblance between himself and his mother,
Thrain could not say. She had died birthing hima fault his father could not or
would not forgive. Not that it would matter much if he had the royal favor. He was
only a second son, and with Baynor in such rude health, it was a certainty that
Thrain would never wear the crown.
Unless something extraordinary happened.
Sometimes you have to make your own luck. Or as the Truehearts would have
it, your own magic . Up ahead, Baynor gave the signal to attack, and Thrain kicked
his horse to life and surged forward with the rest of the rabble his father had hired.
Tonight he would make his own magic, or die trying.
* * *
Elias Trueheart was having a restless night.
It was the dreams again; they wouldn‟t leave him alone. Swords in the night.
The flash and clash of steelthe stench of fire and blood and death. A great dragon
with eyes like flame. He speaks my name and says I know his as well. He tells me of
days to come and deeds I must do and a riddle I must solve, but I cannot hear him
over the roaring fire. A castle in flames! And then different eyes. Blue as the
midnight sky, they stare into mine. A deep voice in my ear. Arms like steel bands
wrap around me. I am trapped! I cannot get loose!
He woke suddenly, shaking in the dark. Gods, but they were getting stronger.
What was he to do when the sleeping drafts the court physician gave him no longer
worked? At that point he supposed he would be driven mad, and the kingdom would
be free to find another, more suitable heir to the throne.
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