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Outlaws - One step above of the law
Outlaws - One step above of the law...
Tactics By Unknown,
Edited by The Mordheimer.
Outlaws will work best where they can make the most use their additional BS. If you
are lucky, you might be able to get them into position where they can get a good
clear view of the ground before them where they can pick off the advancing enemy,
preferably before they have to get into combat. With a starting roster that includes
all possible Heroes, five out of the seven have a BS of 4 and this should be extended
still further when I can get hold of some extra Marksmen. This consideration is very
important because most opposing warbands may well have nine or ten members and
it will be necessary to get at least three Out Of Action in order to force a Rout Test.
However, even if they get beaten in their early games, this is a warband that can
make some serious improvements. Except for the Cleric, all the other Heroes can
take Skill advances in Shooting. Any of Quick Shot , Trick Shooter and Eagle Eyes
skills would significantly enhance their abilities. I would definitely try and take all
these skills as soon as possible.
At a later time during the campaign, considering strengthening their combat
possibilities by hiring an Ogre Bodyguard, as a little extra muscle should be more
than useful to have around. Defend your archers, avoid hand to hand combat and
pick on the weaker opponents. Woe betide the next lot who will have to face the
Outlaws of Stirwood Forest!
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