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Order of Battle
Order of Battle
One of the major desisions you have to make is how to use your band in combat.
The smart thing to do is to make a basic Order of Battle (OB) and stick to that, making
only minor changes as dictated by the opponent, the terrain and the scenario.
I like to have a OB consisting of a combined arms force inspired from infantry squad
tactic as developed from world war II and later:
Assault troops AKA brawlers.
Close support troops.
Long range missile troops AKA snipers.
Assault troops (brawlers)
Screen any close support troops from being charged by blocking any
posible charge path.
Deployment In cover on ground level. Preferably with a covered way to move
forward toward the enemys softer models.
Battle orders Move forward and take anyone OOA
Possessed, flaggelants, warhounds.
Close support troops
Stay close to the brawlers and shoot anyone that can charge one of your
Join melee when 'safe': choose opponets that are in combat with a brawler
and only join if nobody can charge you back.
Deployment Just behind a group of brawlers.
Battle orders Folow the brawlers.
Markman with blunderbuss and bow, elven ranger, a knifefighter with
eagle eyes and perhaps trickshooter, a pistolero with a brace of pistols,
pistoliere skill and perhaps eagle eyes/trickshooter.
Long range missile troops (snipers)
Shoot enemy models that are a treat. Priority goes to anyone that treatens
heroes, then those treatening snipers, then best target.
Get into places from where important parts of the board can be targeted.
Making sure the enemy can't move freely without getting shot at.
Deployment In cover high up with a clear view to important areas: Roads that offer
long firing lanes; the objective if any such exist; places the enemy want to
place models.
Battle orders Don't move as long as there are anything to shoot at.
Don't get into firefights where you are the underdog. Better to take cover
Primary function Engage the enemy in closecombat.
or find somewhere else to shoot from.
Stay out of closecombat.
Elven ranger, markman with hunting rifel/handgun/crossbow/bow.
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