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Creating a Warband
as told by Brahm Tazoul
Sure, it sounds simple, but getting a
winning warband together can be one
of the most difficult challenges you'll
face in Mordheim. More daunting than
staring down the blessed barrel of a
Witch Hunters pistol, choosing this
armor or that weapon can truly be
With that in mind, I've come up with
some starting warband roster sheets
that will enable you to field a
competent group of individuals
capable of holding their own in a
brawl. A word to the wise: I am a firm
believer in WYSIWYG (what you see
is what you've got). If a model has a
sword and a shield, then that's what I
equip him with. My roster sheets use
as many Mordheim-specific models as
possible. If you decide to use other
models, that is completely within your
realm of control, and I applaud your
creativeness, however I would implore
you to stick with the the feel of the
game, and equip them as they look.
The only things I'll let slide is armor
that you wear; if I decide to buy
someone a helmet that is not
represented on the model, I'll let my
opponent know prior to the battle. If
a model appears to be wearing heavy
armor, but I cannot afford it, I'll let
it slide. Most people that I have
played with don't pay particular
attention to what the warrior is
wearing, rather what they are toting.
So, with that in mind, let's get to
some of my past warbands, their
equipment, and how they did for me in
their adventures wandering through
the city of the damned.
Undead Warband
Sword, mace, shield. 128gc
Sword, dagger. 45gc
Dreg #1:
Spear, dagger. 30gc
Dreg #2:
Axe, club, dagger. 28gc
Heroes: 4, 231gc, 269gc remaining
Ghouls: 4, 160gc
Dire Wolves: 1, 50gc
Zombies: 3, 45gc
Henchmen: 8, 255gc
12 members, routes on 4 OOA, 14gc left in
treasury. Rating: 88pts.
This warband did very well for me in the
first league that I played in. I have since
modified it slightly to reflect what I have
learned from my experiences there. The Dire
Wolves are great at the beginning of the
campaign, but their usefulness wanes as time
passes. Without gaining any xp (and for their
cost) if and when they go out of action (for
they will , trust me) just let them go and
replace them with Ghouls first and foremost,
and zombies if you're short on coin. They
(wolves) work well with your Vampire,
being a forward shock-troop with him, but
they will soon be out-paced by your
opponents weaker models due to their xp.
The ghouls are the key to your victory. With
T4, they take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.
Get their WS up, and they will truly be a
recommend keeping them in different groups
so that a)you increase your chance of ³Lads
got talent´ and b)you can drop the ghouls
who get lousy advancements and hire them
back in the pack that got good
advancements. The zombies are simply
meat-shields. Use them as such. Tie up
anyone who would dare charge your
Necromancer (and later, Warlock, as he's
vital to your warband...two evil spell-casters
standing side by side, slinging arcane power
at your foes...) and then take them out with
the nearby ghoul-brigade. Lovely. Key
thing...FEAR! Almost all of your models
cause fear. Don't forget that. It makes
Skaven shiver, wardogs cringe and even the
most stalwart Reiklander will think twice
before charging. Protect your Dregs
early-on, and let them level up a bit. Starting
with 0xp does have it's advantages.
First priority is to gain your third and last
Dreg. With 14gc in the Treasury at the start,
you should be able to afford him after your
first game, as long as you didn't lose some
vast portion of your warband. Next priority
would be to increase your ghouls and obtain
a warlock hired sword. His hiring cost is
30gc, he comes with two spells, and only
costs 15gc to upkeep. Well worth the added
arcane firepower. Once you've got a
ghoul-king (lad's got talent), start
amalgamating your ghouls into the best
grouping. Start looking for hired swords
with some range (hopefully your warlock
will gain the ³Arrows of Arha´ spell, 24´
range, D6+1 arrows, all S3) and make your
way into the top three of your league!
Reiklander Warband
Sword, pistol, dagger, bow 95gc
Champion #1:
Sword, dagger, bow 55gc
Champion #2:
Sword, shield, l.armor, dagger, bow 80gc
Youngblood #1:
Spear, dagger, bow 35gc
Youngblood #2:
Sword, buckler, dagger, bow 40gc
Heroes: 5, 305gc, 195gc remaining
Marksmen: 3, crossbow, dagger, 50gc ea
Swordsmen: 1, sword, dagger, 45gc
Henchmen: 4, 195gc
9 members, routes on 3 OOA, 0gc left in
treasury. Rating: 81pts.
This is an excellent ³Starter´ warband. No
weird rules to remember, no special
fear-tests, etc, but strong leaders and good
marksmen. Your Captain has a 12´ radius
for his Leadership, opposed to the normal
´, and all of your marksmen get a +1 to
their BS, making them a 4 instead of a 3.
I've armed the Heroes with bows, as they
will need to be more mobile, while the
marksmen will have to run to their assigned
positions, and then stay static to pepper the
enemy with crossbow bolts. Just as an
example, your marksmen will have a
half-range of 15´. If there is an enemy model
within 15´ and no cover, you need a 3 to hit,
and more than likely a 3 to injure (as the
crossbow is S4). Beautiful possibilities.
Please be sure to read up on my Army
Tactica if you are just starting out so that
you get the best bang for your buck with this
marksmen. The other nice thing about the
Reiklanders is that they belong to the
³Human Mercenary´ group, giving you the
widest selection of Hired Swords available
of any warband. You can tailor-make your
warband into whatever you'd like with this
ability. Priorities for Hired Swords would be
the Elven Ranger, and the Kislev ranger.
They both possess the ³Seeker´ skill,
allowing you to modify a single dice-roll in
your exploration phase by +/- 1. This is
GREAT for exploration, not only in possibly
upping your wyrdstone count, but also in
turning doubles into triples, etc. 666 in
Mordheim allows you a free hired sword!
(No hiring cost, you just have to pay it's
upkeep if you decide to keep it) That's great
for an Ogre Bodyguard, who would
normally set you back 80gc and 30gc for
upkeep! You can hire a Warlock for flavor,
but he'snot necessaryat a. I would
concentrate on Swordsmen to cover your
archers, and build up your marksmen. Again,
see my Army Tactica for tips regarding
separate fighting-forces and how they should
be used.
Sword, dagger, repeater crossbow 100gc
Heroes: 4, 440gc, 60gc remaining
Cold One Beasthound : 2, 30gc ea
Henchmen: 2, 60gc
6 members, routes on 2 OOA, 0gc left in
treasury. Rating: 73pts.
This is how I would set up a typical Dark Elf
warband. You need two to rout, so I've
included two Beasthounds in favor of the
fifth hero (another Fellblade) to run up and
take the fall if need be. Otherwise, you'd be
risking TWO heroes rolling on the Injury
Table if and when you'd have to run away.
However, I'd much rather sit back and allow
my ranged to pick off those who stood
against me. I'd position my Beasthounds to
allow them to intercept anyone foolish
enough to charge. The sorceress can be a
huge asset, depending on what spell she
gains. Either way, your first priority should
be to include that other Fellblade at your
earliest convenience, and then build up your
H2H soldiers, equipping them with ranged
whenever you have the coin to do so. The
Cold One Beasthounds appear to be a poor
unit-choice, however in the early-game they
allow you to field two units of relatively
good H2H power versus a single
well-equipped Corsair. While their WS is
standard, they do possess a S4 and T4 which
will prove to be most frustrating to many
models early-on in the campaign. Add to
that that they cause Fear , and you've a
relatively (for the Dark Elves, anyways)
cheap unit that is, most importantly,
Dark Elf Warband #1
High Born:
Dark elf sword, dagger, buckler, seadragon
cloak, crossbow pistol 175gc
Dark elf sword, dagger, buckler 60gc
Beastlash, dark elf sword, dagger, repeater
crossbow 105gc
Dark Elf Warband #2
*Note: this is an advanced warband, and I fielded it
with fluff and role-playing intended. Difficult to
play, and not a typical Dark Elf warband.
take everyone with me if I can. I'll likely just
equip them with swords and bucklers, and
worry about the repeater crossbows later. I
will, at some point anyways, be forced to
contend with long-ranged warbands, and so
I'll need to get my henchmen repeater
crossbows, and crossbow pistols for my
heroes. I want them engaged at every chance
I can. For those of you who play in my
league, take this as an advance-warning...I'm
coming for YOU! ~wink~ I'm going to
concentrate on my Heroes first and
foremost. A dangerous game, but one that I
think will provide me with weeks of fun and
danger...nothing like rolling the dice,
literally . Use this warband at your own risk;
it's highly volatile and apt to be completely
destroyed by an unprepared General. Ye
have been warned!
High Born:
Dark elf sword, axe, dagger, buckler,
seadragon cloak 145gc
Fellblade #1 & #2:
Dark elf sword, dagger, buckler 60gc ea
Beastlash, dark elf sword, dagger 70gc
2xDark elf swords, dagger 85gc
Heroes: 5, 420gc, 80gc remaining
Cold One Beasthound: 2, 30gc ea
Next Installment will have rosters for
Sisters of Sigmar, Marienburger, Witch
Hunters and Beastmen. Stay tuned!
Henchmen: 2, 60gc
7 members, routes on 2 OOA, 20gc left in
treasury. Rating: 90pts.
This is my ³Flavor´ warband that I have not
yet tabled, but will do so when the next
league starts up in roughly a months time. I
am using ³Manfreds Manslayers´ as models
for most, with their skin-cloaks being
disgusting and wonderful for fluff! The
nearly complete lack of long-range will force
my warband to be up-close and personal,
getting in with their high Initiatives and
Weapon Skills, fitting with my back-story
that they are maniacal, twisted and sadistic,
torturing their foes before killing them,
skinning them, and replacing their old worn
and tattered (and likely now-rotting) cloaks.
My first concern with this warband is to
obtain two Corsairs. That will put me over
the threshold of 3 OOA to route, and I'll
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