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Creating a Warband
as told by Brahm Tazoul
This is my second article in regards to
warband creation. I'll skip a bunch of
the preamble, and just recommend
that you read these articles in order.
These lists are what I personally use
as my starting roster for warbands,
and should give you a good idea of
each warbands strengths and
weaknessess prior to commiting
yourself to any one path. As always,
I'll recommend that you take this all
with a grain of salt, and stick to your
own feelings when it comes to that
ever-important question of what
warband you'd like to play. Sure, my
lists are great for ideas, however you
should really look at the models and
the rules (and fluff) of the warbands
and choose whichever one captures
your imagination. This is meant to be
fun, and if you don't have fun... then
don't do it! On to the warbands!
Heroes: 4, 308gc, 192gc remaining
Novices: 2, hammer, dagger, sling,
buckler, 25gc ea
Sisters: 3, sigmarite warhammer, dagger,
sling, buckler, 47gc ea
Henchmen: 5, 191gc
9 members, routes on 3 OOA, 1gc left in
treasury. Rating: 81pts.
I'm currently using this warband, almost
right out of the box. The box-set that I
purchased had everything I needed to create
the above warband, with the exception of the
Augur model. I am using one of the
sister-models as a Sister Superior; she's got a
nunchuk-looking item above her head that
I'm calling a Steel whip. I purchased and
converted a 40k model for my third Sister
Superior (which you will need to add at your
earliest convinience). She's got two steel
whips, and a flaming helmet atop her
head...looks very cool now that I cut the
oxygen-tubes off of her helmet and removed
her back-pack.
The key thing to remember with this
warband is that they do not parry without a
buckler. A lack of swords on their
weapons-list means that you'll have to
upgrade each and every model with a
buckler before they can be truly effective in
combat. The reason that I included them
with the henchmen is my playing-style; I'll
charge in with my fodder, and then swoop in
with my heroes, raining death upon mine
enemies heads!
The Matriarch is your tank, and should be
kept safe, nestled in the midst of your sisters.
She'sgot aH2HASof3+, plusher
helmet-save against stunned results, but save
her for the ³sure charges´. Her prayers can
Sisters of Sigmar
Sigmarite warhammer, shield, heavy armor,
sling, dagger, helmet 152gc
2 daggers, sling. 29gc
Sister Superior #1:
2 sigmarite warhammers, dagger, helmet,
sling. 77gc
Sister Superior #2:
Steel whip, dagger, buckler. 50gc
truly aid those that are close to her, so keep
that in mind as well.
Each and every sister here has a sling. Sure,
it's only got an eighteen inch range, however
you can take two shots at -1 if you're in
half-range! Consider that your Augur gets to
re-roll any missed dice, and you can hit
almost anything! Move and shoot, move and
shoot. Since your Matriarch has a reduced
movement rate due to her armor, it's wise to
stick together and pelt anything that gets
close to you.
Of course, as your heroes level up, you'll
find that some are better at clobberin' and
others at ranged. My Augur, for example,
has Dodge, Sprint, a WS of 3, BS of 4 and 3
attacks. So, if she ever does need to get into
H2H, she's got a great chance at taking her
opponent down! (I also purchased her an
Ithilmar steel whip). With her Steel whip,
she gains +1A while charging. Add that to
her 3 regular whip-attacks, and her
additional 1A for her off-handed weapon,
she's got a stunning 5 shots at taking you
down before you get to strike back. Add in
the fact that she gets to re-roll all her missed
attacks...well, you get the picture!
The sisters are an all-around fun warband to
play. Fluff-wise, they are despised by the
Witch Hunters, which makes for great
show-downs, and their special abilities can
make dealing with Skaven, Undead, or
Possessed a treat. With relative ease, you
can start up a Sisters of Sigmar warband,
and head out into the streets of Mordheim
ready to purge the evil that has corrupted
your fair city. Enjoy.
Witch Hunter Warband
Witch Hunter Captain:
Sword, pistol, dagger, crossbow 110gc
Witch Hunter #1:
Sword, dagger, pistol 60gc
Witch Hunter #2:
2 swords, dagger, crossbow 70gc
Witch Hunter #3:
Sword, dagger, pistol 60gc
Warrior Priest:
Hammer, dagger 43gc
Heroes: 5, 343gc, 157gc remaining
Flagellants: 1, flail, dagger, 55gc
Warhounds: 5, 15gc ea
Zealots: 1, Club, dagger, 23gc
Henchmen: 7, 153gc
12 members, routes on 4 OOA, 4gc left in
treasury. Rating: 116pts.
This roster is a prime example of why I think
the Witch Hunters are a bit too powerful off
the get-go. While it is already maxed-out,
this mob can tear apart nearly anything that
gets in it's way. The super-cheap and
expendable Warhounds have superior WS
charge-range. They can easily move in and
destroy forward forces, tying up your
opponents archers allowing you to move
your heroes in-range. The only fighter I'd
classify as ³poor´ or ³below-average´ on
this roster is the Zealot. Once he gains a few
stat-increases, he'll be a bit better, but right
657361455.003.png 657361455.004.png
now he's just slightly above warhounds in
the pecking-order of the warband.
Allow your warhounds to take all of your
risks for you, and you should be ok.
Concentrate on increasing your Heroes
experience, picking stats according to their
rolls in the warband (ranged support vs.
H2H combat masters). As the campaign
progresses, ditch the warhounds (always
keep one or two around; they're simply too
cheap and effective to ignore) and replace
them with Flagellants or Zealots. Another
key to this warband is Hired Swords. Witch
Hunters, for all their self-righteousness, are
incredibly relaxed when it comes to hired
swords, and can hire nearly as many of them
as the Human Mercenaries! Again, get the
Elf and Kislev Rangers, modify your
dice-rolls, and bank your cash! It is not
uncommon at all to see Witch Hunter
Warbands with 16 or 17 members wandering
about Mordheim, destroying any and all that
fall within their scope!
Marksmen : 2, Crossbow, sword, dagger
60gc ea
Swordsmen: 3, Sword, dagger 45gc ea
Henchmen: 5, 255gc
10 members, routes on 3 OOA, 0gc left in
treasury. Rating: 86pts.
This is the first setup for the Marienburgers.
Due to their increased funds (600gc for a
starting warband in a campaign, or +20% in
a one-time battle) they are able to do one of
two things; increase in weapon superiority,
or increase in numbers. This list represents
the former. While their Champions are a bit
weaker than those of the Reiklanders or
Middenheimers (choosing from Combat,
Shooting or Speed, not Strength) it makes
sense to equip them with weapons that will
make up for their weaknesses. The Morning
Star will add +1 to the first attack, and the
Pistols are great for that extra oomph in
H2H. The Captain, with his superior BS has
some Dueling Pistols, giving him the
versatility of either charging, or if they're just
out of reach, having that extra 2´ to shoot
them down in a hail of smoking glory.
The crossbow-wielding Marksmen will offer
some much-needed cover-fire for the
Swordsmen as they dash in and cut their
enemies to bloody ribbons. All in all, this
particular warband offers three distinct
fighting-groups, allowing you to expand and
dominate the whole of the table. Stage your
Marksmen on high-ground, allowing them to
pick their targets, and create two separate
teams for H2H; a Champion, a Youngblood,
and two Swordsmen, and then the Captain, a
Champion, a Youngblood and a Swordsman.
Move through cover, pick off your enemies
when the opportunity presents itself, and
decimate your foes when you get up-close
and personal.
Sword, brace of Dueling Pistols, dagger,
Helmet 130gc
Champion #1:
Sword, dagger, Pistol 60gc
Champion #2:
Morning Star, dagger, bow 60gc
Youngblood #1:
Sword, dagger, Pistol 40gc
Youngblood #2:
Brace of Pistols, Sword, Dagger 55gc
Heroes: 5, 345gc, 255gc remaining
Marienburger Warband
First Variance; Quality
Marienburger Warband
Second Variance; Quantity
stand-up better under pressure.
One benefit to this warband is the mobile
archers. While they can run around the field,
peppering your opponents with arrows, the
bows lack the strength of Crossbows (S3
over S4) and as such will have a more
difficult time actually inflicting any damage.
You are trading strength for mobility, and
we all know which I'd prefer.
With all that being said, this would be the
warband that I'd recommend for the
Beginning player to field, rather than the last
one (if they were bent on playing
Marienburger. I'd still recommend
Reiklander as the first choice for a starting
General...). This warband allows you to
throw your men at the enemy, and learn the
strengths and weaknesses of each unit-type
and different strategies. It's an easier
warband to play, but perhaps not as
satisfying (as you may find yourself rolling
on the Injury table more than you'd care to!).
Overall, I think that the Marienburgers are
the last-choice out of the Human
Mercenaries. Their ³strengths´ being a +1 to
find rare items and a one-time cash boon
don't truly compensate you for the lack of
versatility in their Champions. While their
story adds some fun fluff elements to the
game (you can be a pretentious snob during
play and get away with it as being ³role
playing´), I would leave the Marienburgers
at home and bring another warband to the
hellish gates of Mordheim...
Sword, dagger, buckler, pistol 90gc
Champion #1:
Sword, dagger, Pistol 60gc
Champion #2:
Morning Star, dagger, bow 60gc
Youngblood #1:
Sword, dagger 25gc
Youngblood #2:
Brace of Pistols, dagger 45gc
Heroes: 5, 280gc, 320gc remaining
Marksmen : 4, Bow, dagger 35gc ea
Swordsmen: 4, Sword, dagger 45gc ea
Henchmen: 8, 320gc
13 members, routes on 4 OOA, 0gc left in
treasury. Rating: 101pts.
Here's the Quantity-version of the
Marienburgers. Note that the second
Youngblood has only a Dagger to defend
himself with should his pistols fail him... a
needed short-coming to add the fourth
Marksman. First priority is to buy that poor
bloke a sword after the first battle.
Everyone is equipped with the
bare-minimum. This warband lacks in overall
strength, but attempts to make up for it in
numbers. I am not a firm believer in more
members to a warband, I still believe that
Might is Right . As such, I'd recommend the
Quality version of the Marienburgers over
this Quantity version. While you don't have
as many men, those that you do have will
I know, I know, I promised Beastmen, but
I'm trying to keep these to four pages each.
Next installment will have them, as well as
lists for Middenheimers and Possessed.
Stay tuned!
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