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After all players have deployed roll d66 and consult the table below.
This is what happens if you get to close to the crater, or fumes from the crater pas over the battle
11-12 Plague.
A contagious disease that spreads like a wildfire has struck this part of the city.
After the battle both players roll d3+1. The result is the number of models in his warband that may have
contracted the disease. Randomly determine which models. Those models must roll equal to or under their
toughness. Models that fail must miss the next battle. A model that rolls 1 will die if he is a henchman or
must roll on the serious injuries chart (rerolling a result of 41-66) if he is a hero.
A skaven hero, a possessed hero, a Matriarch and any priest, my choose to ignore the serious injury. But
then loose a random skill advance, or 1 toughness.
13-15 Fire.
Either on purpose or by accident, several buildings in the vicinity are on fire. There is a serious risk
that the whole area will be ablaze within a short time.
At the start of the battle d3 random buildings outside any player’s deployment zone start the game on fire. At
the end of each player’s turn roll 2d6 for each building on fire. On a roll of 2-4 the fire goes out, on a roll of 5-
9 the fire continues unabated, on a roll of 10-12 the fire spreads to a random building within 8". Any models
in contact with the building may deduct –1 from the roll if they want.
If a 2 or 12 is rolled roll a 2D6, the building explodes and all models within 6” suffer a S3 hit. Then the fire
either dies out or spreads like aforementioned.
It requires a leadership test to enter a burning building. Any model inside a burning at the end of its turn
must roll equal to or under its toughness or become stunned. Models already stunned go out of action. A
friendly model may drag a stunned model out of a burning building at half movement. Models may not shoot
into, out of or through a burning building.
16-22 Haunted.
The area the warbands are fighting in is rumored to be haunted by a ghost, wraith or other horrible
At the start of each player’s turn a d6 must be rolled. On a roll of 1 one of his models that are at least 3"
from any other model (decide at random if there are several) is confronted by the ghost. Unless that model
is immune to fear he will start fleeing towards the nearest table edge. Roll a D6, on a 5+ the ghost lashes
out toward the confronted model (WS4 S4), then he dissipates. In addition, all the characters leadership
tests, in current battle, will suffer a –1 penalty.
23-25 Icy winds.
A biting wind howls across the city.
All initiative tests for climbing, jumping and to avoid falling suffer a -1 penalty. Moving within 1" of the edge
of a building on the first level and higher above ground requires an Initiative test to avoid falling down. All
shooting suffers an additional -1 to hit.
26-32 Rainsoacked grounds.
Recent rainstorms have left the ground extremely muddy and the cobbled streets and squares
slippery which makes footing tenuous.
Models on the ground may half their distance if they move, run or charge. They can opt to use the full
distance but then have a chance to fall.
Full distance move: roll D6 on 5+ character slips and counts as KD.
Al movement in buildings is subject to set roll.
Dwarfs and four (or more) legged beings test on a 6+. A rider of a horse makes a 2”fall, when failed.
Denizens of the Damned City.
The area the warbands are fighting in is not uninhabited.
Roll on the table below to find out how many and what kind of creatures to set up on the table.
D3+2 flagellants (see page 81 of the Mordheim Rulebook, armed with flails)
D6+2 skeletons (see below, armed with shield and sword, or axe)
D3+1 beastmen (see page 75 of the Mordheim Rulebook, armed with hand axes and shields)
First both player deploy. Then players take turns to place denizen models until all are deployed. They must
be set up 8" from any table edge on ground level, more than 8" from any warband model and 4" from each
other. At the start of each player’s turn each creature charges the closest model within its charge range that
it can either see or detect. If there are no models in charge range a creature moves d3+1" (beast man do
D3 +2”) in a random direction. If a 6 is rolled, the player whose turn it is may move the model maxmove in
any direction.
Special rules: Cause Fear, Immune to Psychology, Immune to Poison, No Pain
36-42 The twisting of space.
Reality it self seems to be warped in this area. People get lost and reappear at random when walking
these streets.
Each player rolls d6 each turn at the end of their movement phase. On a roll of 1 one random model that
has moved this turn disappears. Roll another d6. On a roll of 1-2 he doesn’t reappear until after this battle,
on a roll of 3-6 he reappears in d3-1 turns 3d6" away in a random direction. (Place at table edge if model
would appear of the table.)
If the transported model is a hired sword, or hero, and an opponent character is within 2”of his appearing
spot, he charges that model. After the round of combat the transported figure again gets transported
randomly 3D6”.
43-45 The fog.
An Erie mist covers the streets. Fog as thick as pea soup obscures the whereabouts of enemies.
If the deployment zones are more than 16" apart, both warbands must redeploy. This time the warbands
may be deployed an additional 8" further unto the table. At least 50% of the models in each warband must
be deployed as far unto the table as possible. In addition when rolling to see who gets the first turn, each
player adds the initiative of his leader to the dice result. During the battle visibility is limited to 8"+D6” (roll at
the start of each of your turns) and all shooting suffers an additional -1 to hit.
Roll a 2D6 for each character that charged:
2-3: charged failed, the fog made the enemy disappear.
4-11: normal charge.
12: +1 to hit, because you surprised your opponent, by appearing out of nothing, as it seems.
46-52 Dusk.
The Sun is beginning to set and has just slipped below the horizon leaving many long shadows.
Visibility is limited to 24". Randomly determine one table edge to be ‘West’. Any firing in that direction suffers
-2 as the setting sun blinds the firer (use the 90 o arc). Warriors may run and hide in the same turn. Al
fighting, in the first round goes on WS+I+D6, highest goes first (apart from strike first, due to spears or
lightning reflexes).
53-55 Heat Wave.
An unnatural heat has come over the normally foggy and damp streets of Mordheim. The intense
heat makes every action an exertion.
At the end of each turn roll for every warrior in heavy armor AND everyone who ran in the movement phase.
On a roll of a ‘6’ the model succumbs to heat exhaustion and collapses. The model becomes knocked down .
Charging suffers no penalty, but all HtH-attacks suffer a –1 to hit roll.
Al models that get taken OOA must reroll (only once) 41-55 serious injury results.
Extra tough dwarves may reroll that result on a 4+, if they didn’t not already used up their roll.
56-61 Driving Wind.
The wind sweeps up dirt and debris making visibility difficult.
Visibility is limited to 18". All shooting and all Initiative tests suffer a -1 penalty. Every 2” above ground floor
ads another –1 to the test (remember a 1 is always successful).
Movement outside 2” of a building (wall) is restricted to shortest distances.
62-64 Treasure trove.
The buildings in this area are rumored to be full of riches.
Whenever a building outside any player’s deployment zone is entered (if not searched yet) you may roll a
d6. On a roll of 4-5 you find 2d6 gold and on a roll of 6 the model has found a wyrdstone shard. On a roll of
1 however, the model is attacked by:
Roll D6 (all stats can be found in the rulebook):
1: a giant rat
2: a goblin
3: a wild dog. (Warhound)
4: a Direwolf
5: a character: roll a copy of a random hero of any opponent warbands.
6: a possessed with a giant claw.
65-66 Eye of God.
The gods of the old world have turned their eyes on this battle. They will try to improve their
follower’s fortune, but they had better not be disappointed.
Any model that can use prayers, rites of the possessed, or magic of the horned rat, gets +1 to casting
attempts during this battle. He is also granted an unmodifiable 5+ saving throw during this battle. But if their
warband loses the battle they won’t earn any experience (all earned experience normally recorded is
nullified) and possessed won’t be able to beg a reward from the shadow lord. In addition (un)holy relics can
be used twice this battle, but if the warband loses it will not work during the next battle.
Any priest or sorcerer that gets OOA may forgo the serious injury chart a roll a D6:
1: the character dies and a replacement has to wait D3 battles.
2: the character rolls twice on the serious injury chart.
3: the character gets a mental breakdown and next battle all difficulties are +1.
4: the character is feeling invincible and next battle al difficulties are –1.
5: Somehow knowledge has entered his mind and the diff for one of the spells/prayers is lowered by 1(only
once per spell/prayer)
6: The follower feels the boon of his deity and gains +1WS and a random new spell/prayer.
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