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You can have lots of fun with captured warband members, especially in the hands of
Chaos Cultitst, or a Necromancer, who are known for their love of ritual sacrfices. Of
course it will be even more fun if the warband were to try and rescue their comrade.
Set up the table with a sacricing altar, stone, pentagra, oktagram or slab in the middle of
the table. The warband must reach the altar and push the opponents leader away from
their comrade IE winning a round of hand-to-hand comabt against him. The opponents
leader may not move from the altar during the battle and if he does the ritual fail. The
ritual take some time to be completed so the warband have time to rescue their friend. At
the start of the opponents turn look at the chart and check what you need to roll on a D6
to finish the ritual. The ritual will not be completed before turn 5. You should add or
subtract 1-2 turns depending on the size of the table, with a large table or a slow moving
rescue warband add a few turns and with a smaller table or fast moving rescue warband
reduce the number of turns.
TurnD6 Roll TurnD6 Roll
A Necromancer could ritually slay and animate a captive to turn him into a wight. The
wight may be a bit tough so you could animate him as a Skeletal Champion instead. The
Champion or Wight will follow all rules for undeads, EG cause Fear, not be able to run
and be very dead. The Skeletal Champion will use the captives equipment and weapon.
Skel. Champ 4 3 3 4 3 1 3 2 5
4 3 0 3 4 3 3 1 8
A Chaos leader could sacrifice the captive to give him one roll on the Personal Chaos
Attributes table or use the body as a host for a possessing Daemon or even summon a
Lesser Daemon. A summoned Lesser Daemon may be a bit much so to make a Possessee
take the stats of the captive and add WS, S and A +1 and let it cause Fear in its old
warband. Another way is to add the captives and Daemons stats together and divide by
two, rounding fractions down EG a human with a WS of 3 possessed by a Plaguebearer
657367485.003.png 657367485.004.png 657367485.005.png 657367485.006.png 657367485.001.png 657367485.002.png
with WS 5 would be 3+5/2=4. The Possessee will use the captives equipment and
weapon or fight without weapon at no penalties. The Possessee retain its Daemonic Aura
4+ save and non-item special rules such as Plaguebearers cloud of flies, but not the
Bloodletters Hellblade as its an item.
Another interesting idea is for a Witch Hunter to burn the captive at the stake as a chaos
worshipper. In this case the time it takes is not for a ritual but for the fire to burn the
captive to crisps. If the Witch Hunters succed in burning the captive the LD of the Witch
Hunters leader is increased by +1 as his reputation grow. If the model is rescued he must
roll on the Injury chart treating dead as non-impressive scars, you dont stand in a fire for
a couple of turns without getting burned!
Plaugelord Lepri of Clan Pestilen
Tommy Punk - UIN: 9946419 - Kalmar, Sweden
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