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Squickcut, The Sword of Moonlight
Squickcut, the Sword of Moonlight
Many people think that Mordheim has been overrun by Evil after the comet destroyed most of that once
proud city. The lure of wyrdstone attracted many people and unfortunately most of them weren't what one
would call decent lads. On top of that monsters flocked to the City of the Damned, some after wyrdstone just
as the humans, others just after food and prey, mostly humans.
So it seems that indeed Evil has taken over the city. But there are persons who has taken a stand against it.
Persons who fight the good fight and try to stop the threat of Evil in Mordheim. One of these is the well-
known legendary character Aerun, the Sword of Twilight, but there are many not so well-known persons
fighting this good fight. And one is more feared then all the others combined. His nickname is Moonlight and
this is his story.
Moonlight is a snotling and on top of that an ex-pitfighter. Some might think this is a strange combination.
But these people have never encountered Moonlight when he prowls the streets of Mordheim. He is a good
friend of Aerun and sometimes they team up to fight against a particulary strong or dangerous opponent.
Moonlight’s real snotling name is Squickcut and he has been trained in all martial-arts disciplines known to
man (and snotling).
MOONLIGHT – Liberator of Liberty, Destroyer of Evil.
Snotling hero, ex-pitfighter
Quote: “Look in the face of Goodness and tremble with Fear, thou foul creature of
Hire Free: Moonlight costs 100 GC to hire.
May be Hired: All warbands except Skaven, Possessed and Undead may hire Moonlight.
Rating: Moonlight raises the cost of the warband with 20 points.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Moonlight 3 8 2 2 3 3 7 3 6
Armour: Stonecoat, magickal armour. Moonlight has magickal leather armour which
gives him an unmodfied save of 3+ against both HtH as missile attacks.
Weapons: Moonlight carries the magickal sword Avenger. This sword gives Moonlight
+2 S, +1 I and +1 A.
Special Rules
Petite fighter: Because Moonlight is a very little snotling, all human-sized or larger
opponents have a –1 to hit penalty in HtH against Moonlight. He in turn gets +1 to hit
them as they are a large object in his eyes.
657368690.001.png 657368690.002.png
Speedy: Not only is Moonlight little but he is also very fast. Moonlight can dodge attacks
on a roll of 2+
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