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The Grim Reaper- Dramatis Personae
The Grim Reaper- Dramatis Personae
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The Grim Reaper is a tireless foe. Called by some Death, or The Harvester of Souls, he is a well known
figure, and has a terrible reputation as a killer, and as the eternal assailant. Death comes to everyone, and
everything, and, as the brigands, and the mercenaries, and the mindless beasts came to the city of
Mordheim, so did the Reaper.
His skill in arms is unrivalled, and his weapon, a great shimmering scythe which can cut through anything,
is unstoppable. The best way to deal with such a unstoppable foe is to stay out of his way!
Hire Fee: To determine the Grim Reaper's price, roll on the table below. The Grim Reaper is not payed in
money, but in the life of an individual, and the effect could range from the leader of the warband being
'taken' or a lowly henchman. Once you have decided to hire the Grim Reaper, you may not decline, even if
you feel unwilling to pay his price.
D6 Roll Result
1. Leader: The Grim Reaper point a bony finger at the leader of the hiring warband. The warrior is killed
permenantly, although equipment is retained by the warband.
2. Hero: A randomely-determined hero is chosen by The Reaper. The individual dies and equipment is
retained as before.
3. Henchman/Hired Sword: A randomely determined henchman or hired sword has been chosen. The
individual dies, and equipment is retained as before.
4+. Any: A warrior chosen by the hiring player is taken by the reaper. If the warband is holding any
captives, they may be given to the Grim Reaper instead. As before, all equipment is kept.
Upkeep Cost: After each game when you wish to keep the Grim Reaper roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3 roll on
the table above, and on a roll of 4+ any individual in the warband (or a captive) may be given as with the
4+ result on the table above.
Rating: The Grim Reaper increases the warband's rating by 112 points.
The Grim Reaper
4 7 3 5 3 2 6 1 10
Weapons/Armour: The Grim Reaper is armed with The Reaper Scythe- +2 to all injury rolls, -3 armour
save, may not parry, and any warrior taken out of action by it is permenantly dead.
Skills: The Grim Reaper has the following skills: Combat master, web of steel, and lightening reflexes.
Special Rules
657369238.001.png 657369238.002.png 657369238.003.png
Hates Undead: The Grim Reaper hates all undead because it is near impossible for him to take their souls,
as they live a half-life, merging between living and dead, but never dead enough for the Reaper to take their
immortal souls.
Ethereal: The Grim Reaper is not strictly a solid being, as he has the ability to move through objects as if
they are mist, and to ignore most attacks caused by enemies. The Grim Reaper can move through walls, or
other objects with no penalties. NOTE: he may not finish his movement inside an object. Also, any non-
magical attacks will need 6+ to wound against the Grim Reaper, and if wounding does not count as a
critical hit. A weapon can be upgraded to being magical for the cost of 15 extra gold crowns, and on the
rare roll of 8 or more on 2D6.
Cause Fear: The Grim Reaper is probably one of the most terrifying foes to be found in Mordheim, or
indeed, the whole Warhammer world. The Grim Reaper causes fear as described in the Mordheim
Immune to Psychology: The Grim Reaper has little real emotions. He is immune to psychology (excepting
the hatred against undead), and will also never run from combat due to a failed all alone test.
"My work is done": Once The Grim Reaper has taken an enemy out of action in a game, he will
dissappear from the battle and may not be used for the remainder of the game. He will continue to fight for
the warband if it wishes him to do so, and then will be present as normal in the next battle. The Grim
Reaper dissappearing will never count towards the number of warriors taken out of action for a rout test.
The Grim Reaper does not suffer an injury for dissappearing.
May Not Run: Despite his hatred of the un-living, The Grim Reaper is similar to the undead, and may not
run. He may charge as normal.
Banish: If The Grim Reaper is ever taken out of action in a battle, he is banished and must retire from the
warband. He may be re-hired after the next battle if wished, using the basic initial hire fee.
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