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The Drooler in the Dark
The Drooler in the Dark
I stood at the door of the ruined building, my face pale. A cold sweat dampened my brow.
I turned to look at my companion to see how he was faring.
“Prepare yourself, Karl. We are about to face something so horrible and evil that I am
surprised that the very earth does not reject its presence.”
“What is this horror?” said Karl.
“The Drooler in the Dark, the Dog That Should Not Be...” I said, my voice trailing off to
a whisper.
“A Hound of Chaos!” Karl cried as a look of terror crossed his face.
“No, far worse.” I said as the door swung open, revealing It.
“Oh, look at the cute doggy!” said Karl, stepping forward to meet the Beast.
“No, Karl!” I cried, but it was already too late...
Disclaimer: Any resemblance between dogs, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
The Drooler
The Drooler always takes the form of a very large yellow dog, with a look of keen, but
malign, intelligence in its eyes.
The Drooler is a one of a kind supernatural Daemonic entity which exists to cause trouble
for humans. It will cause itself to be born as a dog and will cause someone to adopt or
buy it. The Drooler is a bit evil, but will only resort to full scale violence to preserve its
body. Otherwise, it will be content to torment everyone besides those who own it (who
are oblivious to its behavior).
Hire Fee: The Drooler costs 20 GC to hire; the upkeep cost is 10 GC
Warband: All warbands can hire The Drooler.
Rating: The Drooler increases the warband's rating with 10 points.
6 4 0 4 3 1 6 1 5
Weapons/Armour: None
Special Rules :
Animal: As the Drooler is an animal he cannot gain any experience and/or skills
‘He is just playing’: The Drooler just wants to play and therefore he runs around the
battlefield looking for people or things to play with. The Drooler does not need to remain
close to its owner and does need to take any Stand Alone tests.
Running the Drooler
The following charts are used to generate the actions of the Drooler.The Drooler will
never harm its owner, who will never punish it severely no matter what it does.
Situation 1: The Drooler meets a fighter who is walking around.
Roll (1d6)
Drooler rams its nose into the victims groin. If victim is
male, he takes a S4 hit and must roll under his Initiative
or fall to the ground for 1D3 Turns during which time he
can only emit high pitched noises indicating his horrible
pain and the model counts as Stunned. If victim is
female,she will be embarrassed, but unharmed.
Drooler vomits on victims shoes . Really embarrassing
and the acidic vomit eats up the victims shoes and
inflicts one S5 hit.
3 Drooler relieves itself on victim. Not harmful but
certainly not enjoyable.
4 Drooler barks insanely for 1D3 Turns and will not stop.
The fighter can not go into Hiding during this time.
5 Drooler runs away, nothing happens.
6 Roll twice and apply the effects.
Situation 2: The Drooler encounters another dog.
Roll (1d3) Action
1 Drooler vomits on dog. Dog takes 1 S5 hit.
Drooler drags the dog around until it is just about dead,
then lets it go. Drooler inflicts 1D4 S4 hits on dog.
657369548.007.png 657369548.008.png
Drooler eats the dog. The dog counts as Out of Action
for this battle only.
Situation 3: The Drooler encounters a Fighter who is Hiding.
Roll (1d4)
Drooler sneaks up on fighter and emits an unearthly
howl. Fighter must make a Fear test. If the fighter fails
this test, the model flees 2D6” into a random direction.
Drooler leaps into the Fighter’s lap and vomits on
him/her. The vomit inflicts 1 S5 hit.
Drooler begins to bark insanely and will not stop until
the fighter goes away. The Fighter is no longer in
4 Roll twice and apply the effects.
657369548.009.png 657369548.001.png 657369548.002.png 657369548.003.png 657369548.004.png 657369548.005.png
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