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Centre5oft PRESENT
Wit h over four years experience of provodong practical software solutions for business and home applications, Gemoni have put together a
selected range of famous titles for the Commodore 64 and 128 on TWO special packs, at VERY SPECIAL prices These super value packs
contain all the serious applicatoon software you 're ever likely to need for your CBM, from word processing and database management to
a complete professional business accounting system, Gemini's 'OFFICE MATE' and 'OFFICE MASTER are here now -
put that computer to work!
Supa cw fil e m a n a g e m e n t syste m with features fo u n d only
with p a cka g e s co stin g m u ch , m u ch more C o m p ie te ly user-
definable data entry format - co lo u rs definable - a d va n ce d
mathematics u sin g b u ilt-in machine code e xp re ssio n
evaluator • la st SOW on numeric a n d Virg fie ld s - e xte n sive
se a rching with 'wild ca rd C a p a b ility • u se r • d e fin a b le d a ta
surnm a rte s - sim p le o n -scre e n e d itin g . A re a lly POWERFUL
Wor d Processor
A fu lly-le a tu re d word processor program with text fo rm a ttin g •
tight lu ste ca b o n • witu sta b le p a g e le n g th - te xt ce n te rn g -
output or a ll Or part a l le st to p rin te r • se ie ctrve sa vin g • tee
conca te na tion - b lo ck move • b lo ck d e le te - re ve rse p rin t-
graphics p e e • d o u b le wid th print - so rtin g - e ft and rig h t
margin se le cta b le - wo rd count - se a rch and replace
Mai l i ng List
This p ro g ra m will enable you to ke e p a re co rd of names and
addresses a n d then p rin t, e xa m in e . sort and find th e m , a ll with
special se le ctio n techniques F e a tu rin g this famous Gemini
Home Accounts
Designed as a complete home accounting package. the
program a llo ws th e u se r to Set up and maintain a b u d g e t I ce
ite m s at household expenditure and compere actual with
budget .e ith e r n u m e rica lly o r with Vie a d of ch a rt graphics
A complete bank a cco u n t rOu tin e is included, to g e th e r with
sta nda rd expenditure ca te g o rie s wh ich may be ch a n g e d 1 0
ClediOated C e d in g routineS for each name On th e fee •
For example o n most m a il syste m s yo u are o n ly g ive r th e
sta nda rd headings su ch a s n a m e , stre e t to wn . M cin t
, e tc
Nit * ith o u r system, you co u ld for example find all companies
hated th a t h a ve a turnover in e a ce ss of a ce rta in fig u r e , o ra l
subscnbe rs wh o a re b e h in d with their su b scrip tio n s, o r a ll
people e lig ib le ro t a C h ristm a s ca rd th is ye a r' A fu ll range of
ile b e s is ca lla b le from the m e n u in clu d in g o lco u rse . I n te l
• Wow r
• Database • Extensive
• Mailing List Documentation
OFFICE MATE E12 Cassette
or 1541 Disk E 5
• Database
Mailist •Word Processor
Stock Control
•Full Documentation
• Cash Book
Final Accounts
VAT File
Database, klailist and Word Processor as 'Office Mate' PLUS:
Cash Book / Final Accounts / VAT File.
Gemini's legendary cash book system for the OW is a complete 'stand-alone' accountong
software package, already in extertswe use by both accountants and their chents.
4 T h e fa cility to e xtra ct regular m a n a g e m e n t inforrnatoe
Such as ca sh •b a n k b a la n ce s d e b to rs and cre d e o rs, sa le s.
overheads. etc
5 T h e p ro g ra m in te ria ce s with the Ge m in i F I N AL -
ACCOUNTS program to enabie Trading and Pro fit and
General System Overview
The Gemini ca sh book package for the ComrccdOre 64r 1 2 B
microcomputer is designed fo r a h a rd wa re syste m
consisting of
1 C o m m o d o re 6 4 1 2 8 microcomputer.
2 8 0 column printer
3 C a sse tte o r d isk d a ta storage.
Ple a se note thal running the p ro g ria n on cliSk n o t change
the way that th e p ro g ra m wo g ks b u t you wie have the benefit
of tar greater sp e e d a n d re lia b ility for th e lo a d in g a n d Saving of
'Iles that a d isk sysie m p ro vid e s
There is a total o f 1 9 9 nominal a OC OOn ts. B la rg e n u m b e r o f
which may be defined b y th e user Yo u may have up to lo u r
ca sh control accounts, six b a n k C On trOl accounts, one sa le s
le d g e r and o n e p u rch a se ledger co n tro l a cco u n t.
The p ro g ra m will SI N T a d a ta file co n sistin g a l
1. T h e account e 1 le 5
2 T h e current cumulatwe balance on each a cco u n t
(debit o r credat
3 T h e net m o ve m e n t o r each a cco u n t lo t e ve ry m o n th a l
the ye a r.
4. VAT net sa le s and net paymeras fig u re s. wh ich are
automatically created and maintained by the program
This same data file is used b y the F I N AL AC C OU N T S
program. T h e 'VAT FILE wriC h a cco m p a n ie s this package is
designed p re n a n ly to r those u se rs on the Retatiers sp e cia l
VAT sch e m e s
The m a in te a tim e s a l the CASH BOOK p ro g ra m are a s lo a d e rs
1. D o u b le e n try routines to tra n sa ctio n s th ro u g h the
cash' b a n s a cco u n ts and sa le s; p u rch a se le d g e r C o n tro l
2. Jo u rn a l fa cility to r the m e ta l se t up of accounts, o r for
adiusiments to any of the accounts
3. T h e la o lity to produce th e fo llo win g scre e n e d or printed
re ports
tat Listing o f a ll the nominal account litie S
(b) Monthly tra n sa ctio n surnmanes.
(0) A tria l balance whenever required
(d) Screen VAT memo account balances rsa le stn e t
purchases. a n d VAT BC C OU n I BI
le ) A ta lcsi priming n ice ty wh ich p ro vid e s d e ta ils of a ll the
transactions e n te re d in th e current run 0 1 the program
Loss a cco u n ts arid Ba la n ce Sheet to be produced
whenever re q u ire d . C o m p a ra tive or b u d g e t fig u r e s c a n b e
shown alongside rh e actual fig u re s using th e program
2 5
6 Scre e n p ro m p ts th ro u g h o u t the program to 'a ce ta te ease
Of use
or 1541 Disk
7 Sto ra g e o f VAT in fo rm a tio n to a ssist in the p re p a ra tio n
Periodic VAT re tu rn s
8 Erro r tra p p in g ro u tin e s to m in im ise input e rro rs.
9. T h e 'fa cility to handle the financial tra n sa ctio n s a l sole
traders, partnerships, kn e e d co m p a n ie s, clu b s e tc
Users registered fo r VAT are re m in d e d that a is a stahaory
re quire me nt to in to n e h e m 1 C C a l VAT o d ic* wh e n tn e y ch a n g e
their a cco u n tin g records On to a n e w co m p u te n se d a cco u n t n g
syste m
Genii's M arketing Limited, 'Germ. House .
Dian Wa y T ra d in g Esta te . Exm o u th . EX8 a R S
Please se n a rne
C EI M 6 4 .1 2 8 On ce M a to p a ce s ie il2 ICask Els)
Dealers please note that 'Office Mate' and 'Office Master'
now available also on BBC, Electron, and Spectrum.
Ple a se se n d m e C BM 640128 0 1 1 ice M a ste r p a cks h i e 2 5
Cassette r D isk it:Wie se desele a s n e C e ssa ryi
Cheque.' P 0 a enclosed to value c
or please debit my
Acce ssi'Am e x N o
(0395) 2 5 5 1 6 5 (4 tin se l
Sole distributors to the trade:
Ad d re ss
Signa ture
L___Trade and overseas enquiries welcome_
Centre5oft Ltd. Tel. 021-359-3020
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Soft in the Head
The software scene this month is as
crowded and diverse as ever.
Plunging straight in at the deep end
with the serious stuff we have four new
productivity programs from Ariolasoft, all
brought in from across the Atlantic.
PaperClip, HomePak and The
Consultant are all from the Canadian
software house, Batteries Included.
PaperClip is a word processor and it's a
former number one piece of software in
the States. Ariolasoft describes it as
professional and comprehensive and it
features full screen editing. It's available
on disk and side two contains an
enhanced C128 version.
HomePak is a three module package
and includes: HomeText a word
processor; Homerind, a data manager;
and HomeTerm a telecommunications
program which communicates with
databases and other computers.
The Consultant is a database
management system designed to organise,
sort and retrieve records, find exact items
and execute a variety of search and
analysis procedures.
The final package in the latest batch of
launches from Ariolasoft is called Cut and
Paste. It's an easy to use word processor
from Electronic Arts and its features
include automatic word wrap, dynamic
menus and full cut and paste editing.
Ariolasoft's Ashley Gray said:
"Ariolasoft has taken great care to ensure
that these new productivity titles are
exactly right for the home and small
business user, both in terms of program
quality, price and distinctive UK
Commodore is also launching new
products for the serious user. Two new
music systems were due to be launched at
the Ideal Home Exhibition as we went to
press. They are a complete Music System
including a Commodore 64 for under
030 and a Music Expansion system for
under E150.
Staying with the more serious aspects
of a Commodore user's life, Medstat, a
Nottingham based software house, is
promoting its range of exam revision
software as we come around once more
The Consultant
,0 o f SS5 0 NI t WO RD PKO L L SSIA
INA UP /E NT s y S r tit
'A' level examinations and concentrate on
verb and vocabulary learning, Prices start
at £13.95 and they are all available on the
Now to games. Fans of the Rocky
Horror Show who also own a C128 will be
pleased to hear that CRL is to bring out an
all new version of its Rocky Horror game
specially for the 128. Redefined graphics,
brand new sprites, new animation and
even more locations are promised
together with some stunning effects. No
price has yet been announced for the
game but it should be available in May.
There's also good news from CRL for
C-16 and Plus/4 owners. The Berks trilogy
is now available on one cassette priced at
16.95. It features the original game, Berks
plus Major Blink (Berks 2) and Berks 3 an
arcade adventure in which you finally
penetrate the Berks city and steal their
Virgin has recently launched the
official Football Association soccer game
— FA Cup Football. The game is mainly
text based and places you in the difficult
position of managing your teams through
all the rounds of the FA Cup.
Tony Williams, author of the League
Club Directory, upon whose extensive
research t he game is based, said: "The FA
Cup is football's most exciting
competition and this game reflects that
excitement. We've had a great deal of fun
Nick Alexander oi Virgin cleans up soccer
to the time of '0' and 'A' Levels. The
revision aid programs cover French,
German, Spanish and Italian CSE, '0' and
putting it together and I'm sure people
will have as much fun playing it." It cost
£7.95 on the C64.
Imagine has entered the Kung Fu
games market with a new release called
Vie Ar Kung Fu — a very violent game by
the sound of lit Set in Japan, you take the
part of Oolong who is attempting to
become a Kung hi grandmaster in order
to honour the memory of his late, dear-
departed father. Success depends on
mastering the technique of the 16
different kicks and punches. You've got
10 opponents to beat and when you've
knocked out Blues, the resident
Grandmaster then the title is yours.
There are two imminent CM releases
from Ocean. Green Beret, a
contemporary war drama from Konami —
makers of coin-op arcade games — is due
for release in May at 0.95. There is also to
be a computer game based on that good
ol superhero Batman which is scheduled
for a May launch and will retail again at
For those who would rather have the
satisfaction of creating their own
programs without a lot of sweat, there is a
new Graphic Adventre Creator for the
C64/128 from Incentive Software. It is an
adventure generator with a built in
graphics editor and Incentive claims that
it allows you to produce professional
adventures with ease and does not
require any knowledge of computer
programming. It's due for release on 1
In the shops now should be Micro
Power's Doctor Who game, which has
been in the pipeline for many months.
The game contains about 130 screens and
has three different tunes to keep you
amused while you tackle the problems it
represents. One of these is, of course the
classic Doctor Who theme, the price —
01.95. Oh, and look out for the
programmable droid cat. The what?
If you want to be king of the gnomes,
or you just want to find out a bit about the
intricacies of gnome culture then US
Gold's Time Tunnel might be the game for
you. You have been chosen as the next
gnome king but you need to complete the
inevitable tasks to prove your worth. An
ancient gnome manuscript has been
ripped up and scattered through the ages
by an evil cyclops — a weird mix of
Scandinavian and Greek folklore! When
you've got the seven pieces you can
perform the magic spell which will free all
the gnomes in the forests of Scandinavia
and allow you to become their supreme
leader. It's £6.95 on cassette and £14.95 on
Yet another well known hero has been
transferred to the big screen and thence
to the computer monitor. This time it's
Biggles and Mirrorsoft has acquired the
rights to produce the game of the film
of the books. It should be out at the
beginning of May so budding air aces
watch Out for it.
Mind Games joins the Force
Moving from the air right down to
earth into the realms of the ludicrous you
come to a new release from Imagine
called Comic Bakery. You are Joe the
baker in charge of your high tech loaf
producing plant, and you must stop the
scavenging raccoon dogs eating all the
loaves. It's in the shops now at 0,95 on
If you've always wanted to find out
what it's like to be one of the boys in blue
in a city police force then maybe Mind
Games latest offering will give you some
idea of what it's like. Allegedly produced
in consultation with some of "Britain's top
policemen" it's a complicatOI game
which requires you to keep law and order
without losing your popularity.
Impossible? Try it and see. It's £9.95 and
patrolling the streets now.
For C-16 owners there is now a version
of Elite's very popular title Commando.
Originally an arcade coin-op game it has
been available for the CM for some time.
Now C-16 users can have a taste of
excitement themselves.
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