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The Archaeology of Early Medieval Poland: Discoveries, Hypotheses, Interpretations (East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450)
The Archaeology of Early Medieval Poland
East Central and Eastern
Europe in the Middle Ages,
General Editor
Florin Curta
The Archaeology of Early
Medieval Poland
Andrzej Buko
Cover illustration front: Tower complex at Sto pie in its 2nd phase (around mid of
13th century): an attempt of reconstruction (drawn by Andrzej Grzechnik)
Cover illustration back: Stone tower and stronghold at Sto pie, view from the west.
(photo: A. Buko)
This book is printed on acid-free paper.
Translation: Sylvia Twardo
Language Consultant: Paul Barford
The translation of the book was funded by The Foundation for Polish Science
ISSN 1872-8103
ISBN 978 90 04 16230 3
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