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AC Schnitzer AC S3
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Perhaps it‘s this special enthusiasm which links the countless race wins of the Schnitzer brothers
with the legendary innovation of AC Schnitzer products.
AC Schnitzer – Technology transfer
from motorsport to the road.
Since the 1960s, the Schnitzer
brothers have celebrated
victories with BMW in Touring
Car series on almost every race
track in the world. Above all the
„Green Hell“ – as motorsport
fans call the Nürburgring – is
inseparably linked with the
Schnitzer racing history. Since
these early beginnings, we at
AC Schnitzer have systemati-
cally applied the knowledge
obtained from motorspor t to
our product development.
The Nürburgring is still the
AC Schnitzer „test track“. Here
all components from the
AC Schnitzer product range
must prove their performance
and durability under realistic
racing conditions. Only in this
way can they combine suitabili-
ty for everyday use on the road
with the sporting performance
you can expect from
AC Schnitzer.
The Nürburgring – known as the „Green Hell“ for generations of motorsport enthusiasts – is still
used as the test track for AC Schnitzer development engineers.
Preventative Strike Against
Even in standard form, the BMW
3-series sets above-average
standards in terms of driving
comfort and performance. So to
reine such an already superb
car was a new challenge to our
engineers. But the result is even
less compromising than ever
the beneits of the series vehicle
with a more sporting suspension
set-up – with a simultaneous
increase in passive safety and
active driving pleasure.
Uncompromisingly sporting, inno-
vative, dynamic. The only compro-
mise we traditionally accept is in
driving comfort. Here we combine
AC Schnitzer aerodynamic kit for 3-series
coupé and cabrio (small photo bottom)
without M-Technik pack: with front spoiler,
rear skirt in conjunction with AC Schnitzer
sports rear silencer, side skirts, Chromline
Set for side skirts, rear roof spoiler and rear
wing (see also back page).
AC Schnitzer aerodynamic kit for 3-series
coupé and cabrio (large photos) with
M-Technik pack: with front spoiler elements,
rear skirt insert, rear roof spoiler, rear wing.
particularly innovative: AC Schnitzer
carbon rear spoiler.
Motorsport technology meets everyday use.
The entire AC Schnitzer acces-
sory range is designed to com-
bine greater driving pleasure,
more dynamics and more exclu-
sivity with the driving comfort
and usability of the standard
product. One thing is evident:
as always in motorsport, all
components meet the highest
quality standard. This ideal
combination of motorspor t
engineering and suitability for
ever yday use is ensured at
AC Schnitzer in leng thy test
procedures throughout product
and country roads, together
with short trips in city trafic.
In addition, production of
AC Schnitzer special accessori-
es is entrusted only to suppliers
who meet all manufacturing
standards, which means that
the BMW factory warranty re-
mains unaffected – motorsport
engineering in series quality.
The test procedure includes
countless test laps of the
„Green Hell“ – some under
realistic race conditions – and
long journeys on motorways
Resistance is pointless: AC Schnitzer aero-
dynamic package for saloon and Touring
without BMW M-Technik pack, consisting
of: front spoiler and rear skirt; rear spoiler
for saloon only, and sports mirrors.
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Performance upgrades define
new class of efficiency.
More efficient: With performance upgrades from AC Schnitzer, driving dynamics and
pleasure are enhanced while retaining the same emissions and fuel consumption. 8-pistons
high performance brake system for the front axle ensures optimum safety.
The combination of high torque
and so far unsurpassed efici-
ency means that diesel engines
are now appreciated by all
enthusiastic drivers. And here
too, BMW is setting standards.
An ideal star ting point then
for the AC Schnitzer engine
specialists to redefine the
performance limits of the series
vehicle. Without increasing fuel
consumption and emissions,
the diesel power plants with
the AC Schnitzer performance
upgrades reach totally new
dimensions. The AC Schnitzer
sports rear silencer is available
for all models. Made of stain-
less steel, it optimises gas
low and provides an exclusive
inishing touch both visually and
Performance upgrades for:
from 90 kW/122 HP to 107 kW/146 HP
from 105 kW/143 HP to 126 kW/171 HP
from 120 kW/163 HP to 147 kW/200 HP
from 130 kW/177 HP to 154 kW/210 HP
from 135 kW/184 HP to 160 kW/218 HP
325d from 145 kW/197 HP to 174 kW/236 HP
330d/xd from 170 kW/231 HP to 195 kW/265 HP
from 180 kW/245 HP to 210 kW/286 HP
from 210 kW/286 HP to 230 kW/313 HP
from 225 kW/306 HP to 265 kW/360 HP
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