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AC Schnitzer Tension
AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version
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AC Schnitzer Concept Cars:
A Tradition of Technology Transfer.
Since the outset, AC Schnitzer
has followed the philosophy of
systematic transfer of techno-
logy and design from motorsport
to the road. At the heart of this
philosophy was the success
story of the Schnitzer brothers‘
motorsport team in the 60s.
These prototypes however prove
for the fi rst time where the
technological limits lie in the
present state of development of
series models.
AC Schnitzer continues this tradi-
tion of Concept Cars in impres-
sive fashion with the TENSION
based on the M6. At its launch
at the IAA 2005, this unique car
received resounding applause
from the trade press and public
But without the development of
a whole series of Concept Cars
as the connecting link between
motorsport and the road, this
technology transfer would be
virtually impossible in practice.
From motorsport to the road –
AC Schnitzer pursues this philosophy with
regular Concept Cars. In this way they show
the limits of what is technically feasible for
each generation of series models.
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Born in motorsport,
cultivated for the road.
The success of the TENSION
was so overwhelming and the
concrete demand for this one-off
development so great that the
AC Schnitzer engineers decided
to develop an AC Schnitzer
TENSION Street Version for the
entire 6-series (630i - M6) in
various refi nement levels.
technology platform for everyday
suitability and implemented
reliability at series level.
For reliability is as essential to
the AC Schnitzer engineers as
driving pleasure. And because
the number of potential conver-
sions is limited to 50 examples
worldwide, the „AC Schnitzer
TENSION Street Version“ will
remain a particularly exclusive
In a hard development and
testing phase of just 11 months,
they converted the original
Exclusivity is guaranteed:
There will only be a maximum of 50
AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Versions
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When aerodynamics assume
breathtaking form.
In technological development,
particular attention is paid to
aerodynamics and body design.
The Street Version of the TENSION,
in comparison with the standard
6-series, has a stylish new bon-
net with large chrome-edged air
outlet and a modifi ed front skirt.
takes the cold air fl ow for the
engine and the front brakes into
a new dimension together with
the downforce on the front of
the car.
Air outlet openings on both front
wings, which with their three
chrome ribs and integral fl ashers
resemble a shark‘s jaw, support
optimum venting of the entire
engine bay.
This gives the vehicle not only a
more striking and fl atter appea-
rance, but at high speeds also
Refined aerodynamic concept in every detail:
generous air outlets on the wings and bonnet
guarantee optimum temperatures across the
entire vehicle front. The AC Schnitzer sports
mirrors support the aerodynamic body design.
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Homogenous overall concept
of aerodynamics, suspension
and wheels.
The striking side skirts with air
ducts to cool the rear brakes,
the rear skirt with its fully
stainless steel twin exhaust
system and chromed tailpipes
in Sports Trim Design, a Carbon
Diffuser and totally restyled boot
lid complete the body concept.
The extravagant two-colour
paintwork in Alpine White and
Anthracite Metallic available on
request emphasises the indivi-
dual nature of the vehicle.
The high technical demands of
the aerodynamic conversion are
continued in the wheel and tyre
combination. The AC Schnitzer
Type V forged alloys in bi-color
fi nish, with their partly polished,
partly painted surface, perfectly
complement the vehicle concept
both aesthetically and techno-
logically. The sports suspension
with its 25 - 30mm lowering,
special antiroll bars and strut
brace made of aluminium, com-
plete the overall sporting image.
At the Japan Motorshow 2006, the
AC Schnitzer Tension Street Version
enjoyed its eagerly awaited premiere.
AC Schnitzer forged alloys in bi-color
finish are fitted in size 9.0 J x 20“ on the
front and 10.0 J x 20“ on the rear. The
fully stainless steel twin exhaust system is
integrated in the rear skirt with carbon
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